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Topic: P-PIK Prediction Cards by Kipp Sherry
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 3, 2005 06:17AM)
[b]P-PIK Prediction Cards by Kipp Sherry[/b]


[b]Description:[/b][i]The spectator freely chooses a P-PIK card and then freely chooses a number. Numbers are matched up to one of many symbols on the front of their card. You show the back of their card and their chosen
symbol will gradually materialize into view, right in front of their eyes.
How do P-PIK Prediction Cards Work?

The P-PIK Prediction Cards with Egress Reveal (pronounced: ee-gress) introduces the most original and unique reveal in the illusionary arts. There simply is nothing else like this anywhere! PLUS, With Max Maven's permission, the P-PIK Prediction Cards build on a concept he introduced 1986.

With a strong magical reveal built upon a strong mental concept, it's easy to see why P-PIK Prediction Cards are great for all genre of the illusionary arts[/i].
[*]Magicians * Psychics * Mentalists
[*]No Slights * Self Working * Resets Automatically
[*]Strong enough for the professional.
[*]Easy enough for the beginner.
[*]Professionally made with the highest quality card stock and coating.
[*]Each deck includes 12 illusion cards and 1 instruction card.
[*]Only 500 decks available!


As stated in the ad copy above, you receive the twelve special cards and a instruction card. Everything comes in a professionally printed package and looks appealing from the start, especially the cards. I guarantee you that spectators are going to love this, provided you take the time to build the effect to its final climax.

I must say that watching the image appear on the card truly is magical. I found myself testing all the cards out again and again. It looks very cool and sort of spooky at the same time. Hard to explain, so you might want to check out Kipp's website - he has a demo video that you can view while you're there.

Mechanically speaking, the trick is a no brainer to perform. The real value here is the magical appearing symbols on the cards, the rest is up to the performer. Magicians who like to do a few mental type tricks will love this right away.
The only draw back to this package is you can't leave the cards exposed to extreme heat, as in locked in a car during the summer, and the shelf life is around five years.
However, I think working performers will have worn out the cards long before then anyway - so it really matters not.

Finally, if you want something just a little bit different, this trick certainly delivers the goods. Very visual magic, and at a fantastic price. My opinion? Get a set while you can - only 500 were pressed, the price is decent, and I really think you'll have fun with this - Recommended. :)

[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/4.gif[/img]

Suggested retail is: $35.00


[b]P-PIK Prediction Cards[/b] can be ordered directly from [b]Kipp Sherry[/b] using checks, money orders or PayPal.

You can contact [b]Kipp Sherry[/b] at:

Visit Kipp's website to [b]order direct[/b]:
[url=http://www.kippsherrymagic.info]The Magic of Kipp Sherry[/url]

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