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Topic: A new 'reson why' and routine idea
Message: Posted by: Rik Chew (Aug 5, 2005 08:23AM)
I've been thinking of using this idea as the reason why a card does all the wacky things it does: First you need to give the card energy, eg. Palm a thin card size piece of pyrex onto the card, and hold a lighter under it, to give it energy. From there the card needs to expend this energy, so it changes places, moves around the deck, jumps out, it can even lift the magician up...
what do you think, could be used for the ACR
Message: Posted by: Taylor Dean (Sep 3, 2005 05:50PM)
Ya I have been thinkig about doing somthing like that but not with the enegy idea I was thinking more like "oh no not the 4 of hearts that's the black sheep of the card family it does not live by the normal rules or even the laws of phisics it can jump right through other cards, ACR. it can change faces, color chang..." kinda like that is the hardest card to peform with as is nothing added "it is a magicans nightmare to work with this card I have knowen a couple of people who have tried it and got hurt doing so. but I am feeling up for the chalenge( gulp fear in the eyes )
I was thinking something a little more like that but giving it enegery is a good idea as well
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Sep 3, 2005 09:41PM)
Great that you are thinking about themes and larger effects. The folks in the bizarre threads are into that stuff where you imbue objects with attributes.
Message: Posted by: Foucault (Sep 5, 2005 04:31AM)
I've always been attracted to the "magician in trouble" theme, with things apparently being a little out of the control of the magician. You try to do one thing, but other consequences occur.

With the heating the card idea, you might originally be attempting to destroy a card for a "burnt and restored card" routine, but for some reason, this goshdarned card won't light. Instead the heat is building up, giving the card the energy to do some weird stuff.

Here's another idea if you're thinking about ways to give a card energy: I think I've seen fake clockwork winders, where you take a key and appear to be winding something up, but all it's really doing is making a sound like you get when winding up a clockwork toy. You can even get a large clockwork key and make the sound yourself. How about taking a card, then taking this large key, and winding the card up to give it the "energy" to start moving around.