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Topic: Creating Posters
Message: Posted by: Eric Dittelman (Aug 5, 2005 10:14AM)
I wasn't sure where to put this...

Does anyone know where I can find/hire someone to create a poster for me in the style of vintage magic posters the likes of Kellar and Houdini? Can anyone photoshop one out of picture of me? This might be just a pipe dream, but I'd love to have one for a big show I'm going to be doing in a couple of years. Thanks!

-Eric D.
Message: Posted by: Mehtas (Aug 8, 2005 04:24PM)
You just want ONE poster ??
Message: Posted by: Dave Dorsett (Aug 9, 2005 10:32AM)
Check recent issues of MAGIC & Genii. There is a company out there right now selling repros of turn of the (previous) centry magic posters. They also offer a "stock" poster option and a "your face here" on some.

I can't remember the name of the company and I'm away from my magazines right now but it should be in one of those publications within the last 6 months.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Aug 14, 2005 01:42AM)
You could comission an student artist
to paint in the style you'd like.
It would be on a canvas then.