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Topic: My first pass! Victory!
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Oct 25, 2002 10:47AM)
I recently got ninja-1 from ellusionist.com and have been working on learning the pass for about... 2 days. Obviously it's horrible still...

Anyway, I'm sitting there watching a movie with my two roommates and doing it over and over and over again while we are busy drinking up a storm. It should be explained that we are sitting around a glass coffee table like so |_| I'm in the middle of the 2 roommates.

The girl to my right says, "Hey - let's see a card trick" and I decide to pretend I'm really drunk (which lowers everyone's expectations and allows you to "Be sloppy") and of course I have her pick a card and put it back in the middle. Now my other roommate considers himself pretty knowledgeable about card tricks, so I turn toward him (she is so gullible I could have done anything, but he is a tough cookie) and I say "Um - now what should I do? You know I'm just making this up as we go along..."

He smiled knowingly and was like "I would be seriously impressed if you came up with a trick I don't know." But of course, through that bit of direction, I'd already done it. I set it on the table. I asked her what her card was. I pretended to concentrate really hard, then I slaped the glass beneath the table and do the old Blainesqe... "Did you see it?!"

I ever sooo slowly turn over the top card - and the mental fireworks go off for everyone! :bigdance:
Message: Posted by: secondbaseman (Oct 25, 2002 11:03AM)
Is not magic cool? :D

Good Luck,



P.S. I PM'd you about the Ninja Nideo
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Oct 26, 2002 08:38AM)
I would have expected nothing less from a Mizzou student!

(BJ '78)
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Oct 26, 2002 11:29PM)
AND - We won our homecoming game today vs KU!! :bigdance: :banana: :yippee: :pepper:
Message: Posted by: nappa (Oct 27, 2002 08:16AM)
I have been practicing the Pass as well, any tips you could "p a s s" along?
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Oct 27, 2002 10:21AM)
I think that it really helps if there is almost no movement in your right hand. Just use it to balance the packet while you do most of the work with your left hand. This seemed to make my passes MUCH smoother. And the packets collide less.
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Oct 27, 2002 04:28PM)
Of course, keep in mind that there is a substantial body of thought that questions why the pass is even needed. Having said that, however, I think it's excellent that you utilized the pass in a secretive way. Too many folks, it seems, now use it as a blatant move. IMHO, the pass (or just about any other slight) should not be used as an end unto itself, but as a means to an end.
Message: Posted by: Tolga Ozuygur (Oct 29, 2002 04:14AM)
I think every magician must do at least one kind of pass perfectly. I do some of them not perfect yet. I am stuying them. My mentor Tora makes incredible passes in a very clumpsy appereance. He is an awesome card worker. As I learned from him, the pass is one of the few things which you can not show the laymen how successfully you can done. They must not be in the know. Your trick was nice I think may be I may use a variation of it.
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Message: Posted by: Kallak (Oct 29, 2002 05:49AM)
Just so I know, which (I guess) type of pass does ninja have.

Is it like the one in RR, like the one in Expert Card Technique, or a different method altogether?
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Oct 29, 2002 10:03AM)
I'm really not sure - it is just the classic pass that is very briefly touched on at the beginning of the video since you are supposed to know it already - then they have variations later on.
Message: Posted by: longbeach (Nov 3, 2002 08:24PM)
I tilt the top packet up when I do the pass. Which does a good job hiding the "danger areas". Also, when I am done the move. I twist the deck around, to make it look like im squaring it. Also, do the pass at a time where a large action is being done. Like closing a two handed fan. A large action always covers a small - Vernon said that.