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Topic: Scarface Ring Flight
Message: Posted by: Josef K (Aug 6, 2005 02:38AM)
An idea for the reappearance of a borrowed ring.

So the ring is gone. You say: "I'm very sorry that I've lost your ring. This reminds me of a funny story! A budding young hitman of the Chicago mob one day borrowed Al Capone's old family ring without permission. As all of you probably know, Al had very slim fingers, and when the killer tried to get the ring off, he miserably failed. The only solution to this predicament he could come up with was to cut his finger off. And so he did.

"When Al later that evening got his old ring back (with a brand new finger) he was thrilled. He immediately took his bottle of baby lotion out of his pocket and with a little lubrication he easily removed the ring from the severed finger. The thug got his finger back and immediately went to the hardware store to buy some duck tape."

"This one-fingered mobster" you continue "was in fact my great grandfather. And as a consolation I will give you his finger, which I have been keeping in my pocket as a lucky charm. It will point out the right direction in your life."

Bring out a white hanky, soaked in blood. Open it and show a severed finger with the spectator’s ring on it!
Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 8, 2006 11:01AM)
Excellent thinking Josef!

Message: Posted by: gordonmj (Mar 8, 2006 03:10PM)
When I perform this I keep eye contact at all times.
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Mar 9, 2006 04:21PM)
Great idea Josef! How about this: A thimble type vanish with the ring combined with the old finger in the box trick.

Effect: Ring is placed into hand. Box is removed from pocket. A blow and the ring is gone. Spectator removes box top and sees bloody finger with ring. Spectator is instructed to remove ring. Finger stands up. Easy, impromptu, funny, creepy.
Message: Posted by: Josef K (Mar 13, 2006 01:18PM)
Thanks guys!

And Josh, I like the simplicity of your solution.

Josef K