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Topic: David Ben Article
Message: Posted by: jondark445 (Aug 7, 2005 09:44AM)

Yes, I realize I'm probably leaving this post in the wrong place. Just not sure WHERE to leave it.

I subscribe to both MAGIC and GENII. Within the past year or so there was an article about magician David Ben. I don't know which magazine, and going through my old issues I'll be darned if I can find it. Anyone know what mag and which issue? Thanks for the help.

Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Aug 7, 2005 09:46AM)
Possibly the June 2000 issue of [i]Genii[/i] which has David Ben on the cover.
Message: Posted by: Nik_Mikas (Aug 7, 2005 05:35PM)
It was in Genii. I think it may have been the December or March issue of this year. It was an article by Jamy Ian Swiss about his then recent show.
Message: Posted by: Craig Chamberlain (Aug 7, 2005 07:49PM)
The February 2005 issue of Genii, with Derren Brown on the cover, has a five page article written by Jamy Ian Swiss about David Ben and his latest show, "Tricks."
Message: Posted by: balducci (Aug 7, 2005 08:33PM)
There was also an extensive write-up involving David Ben in the November 2004 issue of Genii (the issue with Bill Bixby on the cover).

This was in the excerpt taken from Patrick Watson's book, "This Hour has Seven Decades". See pages 32-37. DB is also mentioned on page 11.