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Topic: Attention Bizzarists and Mentalists
Message: Posted by: spatrick (Aug 7, 2005 05:09PM)
Just got the particulars for the next "Northeast PA Magic Convention" and it looks as if this October 15th will turn a bit bizzarre.

Keith Culver has put together another great one day convention and this one promises to be really different. 10am - 10pm. The cost is only $30. Well worth it for the names coming.

There will be three lectures, a full evening show, and several more dealers.

Check out the lineup!!! Check out the link!



OK folkd, I will be putting some more information on here as soon as I get it, but I will tellyou who I have booked so far. Please keep in mind that you will not see any of these performers at a lot of convention, but they did agree to all be at this one. (I think they felt sorry for me).

DOCC Hilford Will be here and will be giving his famous lecuture and will also be performing on the evening show. You will not want to missDOC'S bizarre style of magic.

Rick Maue will also be joining us to give a taste of his unique style of the bizzare and mental magic. His lecture will also be a hit of the day.

Francis Menotti will be here with his own performance style which will keep us all spellbound.

Three very talented and creative performers and lecturers will make this one jam packed day of magic, learning, fun and just a will be just a little weird.

I will be posting more on these very fine, and not to often seen at conventions, performers.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Aug 9, 2005 04:57PM)
Sounds good, enjoyed the last one but this appeals even more. I'll probably be attending. Looks like Keith has done a good job pulling this one together.

Message: Posted by: spatrick (Aug 9, 2005 06:44PM)

It is awesome that you will be there.

This time the Hot Dogs will be right across the street. Can't wait!

S. Patrick
Message: Posted by: Paul (Aug 11, 2005 12:58PM)
"This time the Hot Dogs will be right across the street. Can't wait!"

Has the venue changed or is there a new hot dog place? :)

Message: Posted by: spatrick (Aug 11, 2005 07:50PM)

This time Keiths convention will be where it usually is. The VFW in Kingston.

It will not be at the place that we were at in May.

When we drove over to the hot dog place for lunch the VFW was right across the street.

The VFW is a bigger building, with a stage, more dealer room, and more room to stretch out.

S. Patrick
Message: Posted by: Paul (Aug 13, 2005 05:20PM)
Okay, thanks for the clarification on that.

Message: Posted by: sirsephy (Feb 27, 2006 05:28PM)
Does anyone know if Keith is having a convention this spring? His website appears to not be working.
Message: Posted by: spatrick (Feb 27, 2006 11:27PM)

No more conventions at this time. Didn't get enough people at the last one to make it work. He might try something different down the road.

S. Patrick
Message: Posted by: Rick Maue (Nov 1, 2006 01:19AM)

Well, the convention that Keith Culver put on in October 2005 was pretty good, with myself, Francis Menotti, and Docc Hilford. Yes, it was poorly attended--but that is no reason for the checks that Keith paid us with to bounce. And to make matters worse, now more than a year later, we have still not been paid, nor has Mr. Culver even reimbursed us for our expenses (or the returned check fees from the bank).

To top it all off, he has not returned a phone call to me in many months, so legal action is now being taken against him.

I am not one to post this type of thing in a public forum, but if anyone here is a friend of Keith Culver, I would suggest that you tell him to call me.

Rick Maue