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Topic: Congratulations to Magic Café Member Dakota Rose
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 9, 2005 05:29PM)
Congratulations Dakota Rose!

Dakota Rose, member of The Magic Café, showed up on page 77 of The Linking Ring for August 2005. Dakota is the new "Youth Columnist".

We know Dakota for his other good works, competitions won and comments here on The Magic Café. He also raises doves. Miamisburg, Ohio has a star of magic.

Congratulations Dakota! We’ll be looking forward to your articles each month in The Linking Ring.

Bob and Lucy Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Dakota Rose (Aug 9, 2005 06:06PM)
Thanks Mr. Sanders,

I'm really having a lot of fun interviewing junior magicians and writing about them. It's a little harder than I thought it would be, but I love it.

I also wanted to thank you for everything you do for me.

Your friend,

Dakota Rose
Message: Posted by: Beth (Aug 9, 2005 11:00PM)
Hey Dakota Congrats! I'm looking forward to your articles. I wrote for a monthly magic newsletter for a while so I know what a job it can be and my hats off to you. Just curious do you do dove magic?
Peace Beth
Message: Posted by: KenJax (Aug 10, 2005 03:14PM)
Congratulations man, that's awesome :)

I can't wait to check it out.
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Aug 13, 2005 08:48PM)
Congratulations, Dakota, and thanks again for posting on my thread. :)