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Topic: Name of the illusion
Message: Posted by: Laszlo Csizmadi (Aug 10, 2005 08:12PM)
Anyone knows the name of the illusion? It was on Copperfield's Tornado of fire. He asked the audence do the same. He used a hands trick.
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Aug 11, 2005 08:33AM)
It goes by many different names. It is an old trick. I call it Writs Rotation. You can find an inexplaination in Andrew Mayne's Body Morphin'
Message: Posted by: KyletheGreat (Aug 11, 2005 04:29PM)
I found it kind of funny that they cut the camera away when he said "PUT YOUR THUMBS DOWN" as he separated his hands and did the "move"
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Aug 11, 2005 06:32PM)
It's amazing what you notice when you know what the secret is. This is a good point about controlling every aspect of a show. From choreography (not just dancing but also just how to stand and what to do with your hands, head while talking) to lighting and camera shots. A good showman trys to control as many aspects as possible to put on the best show. And that's even without any tricks.
Message: Posted by: Laszlo Csizmadi (Aug 12, 2005 01:51AM)
Kyle I know how its done I just didn't know the name of this illusion :)

Bill thanks for the name