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Topic: Another option is available for the Baker Challenge Belt!
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Aug 11, 2005 02:18PM)
Right after I started using my Belt I had a brainstorm and figured that the thing could be made even more impossible or at least more difficult.

My Brainstorm came about during one of my performances using the Belt. I had managed to simply work the belt over my hips and off! It totally defeated any reason to have the crotch strap! I figured that if a set of suspender like straps crossed and went over the shoulders then the belt could not be worked down. The crotch strap kept it from being worked upward. The belt would be firmly in place and the locks would have to be picked open to execute a full escape.

OK, so I immediately called Mr. Baker and excitedly asked him about building this little “extra” for me. Well, wouldn’t you know it, he had already thought about it and had developed something even simpler and more effective than my idea.

If you want to see what he came up with then check out the “options” portion of the Belt page on his website: http://mrescape.com/

It is the Option Number Two: The Neck Collar.

It is simple and effective.

Of course I have ordered it!
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 11, 2005 02:47PM)
Hi Harry,

I too was dead chuffed with myself because I'd been using a metal collar that I had and some chain to overcome this very problem.

I had a total of about 6 hours thinking I was "all that", until I got a call from Steve telling me about this new add-on. Ah well, I guess that's why he's earnt the title Mr Escape :)

Please let us know how the collar goes. By the looks of things it should be an awsome little addition to an already crazy escape.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: CARNEGIE (Aug 11, 2005 06:02PM)
Accessories. What a fine concept for the magic world, or in this case the escape world. And these accessories are not junk. They are well thought out additions that make this existing escape even stronger.

It would be great if other manufacturers offered the same kind of things to enhance an existing piece. This would be a cool trend.

Good job again Mr.Escape!

Message: Posted by: The Amazing Michael (Aug 12, 2005 02:45AM)
Shoot! I thought I was one step ahead of Mr. Escape! I have been thinking about how to get out of the challenge belt ever since I saw it, and I had come to the conclusion that with a bit of girth around my waist, I would be able to expand my stomach when being buckled in and hence slide it down once behind closed doors. That would enable me to work on the rest of the locks more effectivly. Of course I had planned to tell Mr. Escape about this, but I wanted to wait and see if it worked first. Oh well, I have been beat to the punch! LOL! Looks like I might not be too anxious to let someone strap me into one of these monsters any time soon! Take care, Mike
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Aug 12, 2005 06:54AM)
Michael, one of the best features of the Belt is that it is a full view escape! All the work can be done with the audience watching. You use your body and twisting for the necessary cover and misdirection.

Once I get one hand and arm free, I openly pick the locks before releasing the last arm and hand (don’t forget that to an audience once your hands and arms are free the escape is over! Even if you are still tied up with 100 feet of rope!).
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 12, 2005 11:53AM)
On 2005-08-12 07:54, Harry Murphy wrote:
(don’t forget that to an audience once your hands and arms are free the escape is over! Even if you are still tied up with 100 feet of rope!).

Of course. I'd not even thought of it like that before.

Thanks Harry.