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Topic: Who Is Steve Brooks?
Message: Posted by: Review King (Aug 11, 2005 02:37PM)
Steve, tell us. We know you're the founder and manager of the Café, but what else is there? Are you a lawyer that loves magic, or have another profession? Or, are you a full time magician? How did you get started and get the chance to meet and work with some of our heroes? I know I can't be the only one that's interested.

By the way, the new Buffet section rocks. Some of our Café favorites are there!!!!
Message: Posted by: Jerrine (Aug 11, 2005 02:51PM)
Second the Buffet rocks!, great addition.
Message: Posted by: Jeremy L. (Aug 11, 2005 11:16PM)
On 2005-08-11 15:37, MagicChris wrote:
By the way, the new Buffet section rocks. Some of our Café favorites are there!!!!
Yes Buffet is cool & helpful but the WHOLE Café rocks!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Aug 12, 2005 04:26AM)
Steve is also a creator of magic. I will have to add to the list as well about the Buffet section. Well done steve
Message: Posted by: Review King (Aug 12, 2005 10:42AM)
That's right! Anyone that uses Free Fall or Silver Shifter knows how his creative mind works!
Message: Posted by: Gene (Aug 12, 2005 11:07AM)
All I can tell you is I've spoken to him on several occasions, and his knowledge of magic and its history has astounded me.

Of course, I know next to nothing about magic, so that might not be saying much. :lol:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 13, 2005 03:42AM)
I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the recent addition to our Café menu, [b]The Buffet[/b]. The members who have offered their time and knowledge in posting to those new forums, each bring something different and unique to the table.
I believe that this will add fresh content to our community and at the very least provide plenty of food for thought as it were. It is extremely gratifying to hear both in this topic and by the large number of private messages and emails that so many of you have sent me, that the response to the new section from our Café members has been a positive one. :)

Regarding your other comments and questions [b]MagicChris[/b], I'm not sure how to respond. While I am certainly flattered to hear such remarks, I do not believe I have the answers for you.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm just someone who really loves magic and am trying my best to make positive contributions to our art. If any of my projects have benefited you, then I have succeeded.
As a kid, I grew up with the notion that those who [i]can[/i], [b]do[/b]. Those who [i]can't[/i], complain about the ones who [b]can[/b]. I figure it's better to contribute, then complain about everyone else. So, I'm just trying my best to do my part.
Thanks again for the kind words, and I do appreciate the sentiment. :smoke: