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Topic: Reviews/Comments on Dave Harkey's Pocket Cache?
Message: Posted by: lawrenceng (Oct 27, 2002 03:55AM)
Does anyone has Pocket Cache? Would like to hear your feedback and comments on it. I understand that it has magnets. Are these strong enough to wipe out credit cards placed next to it (to the misfortune of some)?
Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Oct 27, 2002 06:01AM)
I have "Pocket Cache." It's a very good trick. I like it. You can do more than one trick with it. Yes, there are magnets. Get the trick. It's worth the money. :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: kermitthefrog (Oct 27, 2002 06:52AM)
Could someone be so kind as to describe the effect? (From the spectator's vantage point, obviously.) Thanks!

Message: Posted by: lawrenceng (Oct 27, 2002 02:09PM)
Thanks Rcitgo! What abt the magnets? Have they been a problems, ie safe w/ credit cards etc.
Kermitthefrog, the pocket cache is a gimmick where a couple of effects can be done with it, a list of which can be seen at

Message: Posted by: Xiqual (Oct 27, 2002 04:25PM)
Thanks Rcitgo! What abt the magnets? Have they been a problems, ie safe w/ credit

The magnets don't really have anything to do with the trick function [not directly anyway]

It should not hurt your credit cards as long as you don't open it out and rub it across them.

I like it, good effects.
Message: Posted by: lawrenceng (Oct 27, 2002 04:27PM)
Great! By the way, do you guys have any favourite routines/effects w/ this gimmick? How many rountines does the gimmick come with? Hank Lee's description of the post only mentioned a few. Thanks guys, you been wonderful.
Message: Posted by: Mickey Cohen (Jan 12, 2003 07:08AM)
I owned a Harkey Pocket Cache. It ,s really not a trick. It,s a utility device used for switching folded objects to other folded objects or small objects like a coin.It is very well made and very elegant. It just wasn't my cup of tea . It came with several ideas and routines . My favorite was the Circus plot .It is definitely a real world device since it does not look like some strange prop and is a common object most people are familiar with.One major drawback is that you would probably never see a female in possesion of that kind of money clip , so it would probably be worthless to any female magicians unless they routined it to make sense that they had one.Also one of the mechanisms used is very fragile and can break during a performance which is why I gave mine away . :dance: