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Topic: Where to get music
Message: Posted by: snap (Aug 17, 2005 04:12PM)
I'm currently putting together an illusion show that will be ready to be performed in a few months. in the process, I was puzzling over what the music would be. neither of us used music that would suit this kind of performing. the other day, I tried to play a cd on the computer thinking it was still my music cd. but when I played it, it turned out to be the perfect music for our show. what had happened was that my brother had replaced my music with one of his computer games, which happened to have the best music on it for magic, and the computer just played the songs instead of the game. I proceeded to go through all my brother's computer games and found better songs than ones I had spent hours searching for in past years. so, if you're looking for music for your act, then I would suggest going through any old computer or video games you might have lying around and playing them on the stereo. it certainly helped me!!
Message: Posted by: thefifth (Aug 17, 2005 08:06PM)
There are a lot of people that are really into Video Game Music. There are several forums on the web. I know this because some friends of mine are in a Video Game Music cover band, "The One-ups". It may sound silly to some people but there are some really great VG tunes. It's worth checking out. In fact I'm sure people in those forums could even suggest songs that could fit a certain mood. Just remember that the songs are still copyrighted. Even though the song may be 15 years old and the game not produced any more, it's still illegial to use the music without permission.
Message: Posted by: snap (Aug 17, 2005 08:39PM)
Yes, me and my partner plan to pay royalties accordingly. as far as the "video game music," I believe you, it sounds like some awesome music. I thought that this post might be helpful since it was something I accidentally discovered.
Message: Posted by: thefifth (Aug 17, 2005 09:25PM)
If it's an older song from an older game, you might be able to just get permission without the fee. The band I mentioned before has had good success by just asking the creator. Good Luck. Ohh, What was the game you happend upon?
Message: Posted by: croman (Aug 18, 2005 12:41AM)
Good idea for the music,thanx,I'll try it out. I use music from movies, I go watch some movies and I take out the music out of them (If this helps anyone).
Message: Posted by: snap (Aug 20, 2005 11:17PM)
the game that I recently used was world war II dogfighters. but if you happen to see the halo II soundtrack, that is also extremely good for magic, depending on what kind of magic you do.