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Topic: Right Hander better at sleights with the left hand?
Message: Posted by: pasharabbit (Aug 19, 2005 11:18PM)
I am learning card and coin manipulation and while I am right handed, I find it much easier to do sleights with my left hand than my right. My right is... well sort of stupid. I might add that I have what they call incomplete brain dominance, as in I have trouble telling left from right. Anyone else experience this?
Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (Aug 20, 2005 05:39AM)
When you play guitar, you also "just"pick with the right hand and make the grips and solos with the left(if ure righthanded ofcourse). So what you are experiencing is just normal:)
Message: Posted by: thefifth (Aug 20, 2005 01:30PM)
I am right handed, and my left hand is usually more adept at learning slights. I have always attributed this to my right hand being programed more. It can do everything I need it to and is programmed to my normal routine, but when asked to do something it hasn't done before it tends to lapse into what it knows, not what I want it to do. My left hand therefore doesn't have as many roadblocks to learning new/unusual moves.
Message: Posted by: Rik Chew (Aug 21, 2005 07:15AM)
I can do most sleights better in my left hand than right, but that's just for thigns like breaks, one handed cuts etc, and I sue my left hand for that because that's how I hold the deck normally. It might be because you practice these sleights more in the left hand, because that is how you hold the deck, it wouldseem odd to pass it over to the right hand to do a DL get ready for instance.
Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Aug 31, 2005 04:03PM)

Don't look at it that way. Everyone is going to have one hand that is more dominant than the other.

Learn to be ambidextrous if you want to be truely accomplished.

Use your dominant hand to initially learn your sleights. Now, before you get used to only using that hand start practicing the same move with the other hand. If you do this then you will be just as good with either hand and this will truely expand your possibilities and the quality of your performances.
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Aug 31, 2005 04:26PM)
Even if you are dominant with one hand in certain activities, magic is different. I'll give you an example from my own experience. Ever since I was a kid, I have been left handed. However, when magic came around, I kind of had the impression that it wouldn't matter what hand I use since the material is going to be new for either hand anyway.

So, unless you have a good reason for using one hand or the other, I would suggest learning it the way your book/video/whatever teaches you. From my own experience, I can say that a good amount of the time when reading magic literature it is harder to understand the explanation than it is to perform the trick! If you have to use a different hand other than the one suggested in the tutorial, this becomes much more difficult.

Also, I would suggest to new magicians not to worry about learning sleights with both hands. At this point, master the basics before considering anything further.

Good luck to you all.
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Sep 1, 2005 04:45AM)
I was confronted with the same problem. I used to deal out of my left hand too until I have got my hands on the royal road to card magic book. I tried to adapt every lesson according to the way I used to handle cards. that was boring and took too much time. so I just switched. it was weird at first but in a week or two it felt just as comfortable
Message: Posted by: jack_is_dead (Sep 2, 2005 01:24AM)
I use my left hand to hold a break or one hand cut..but if I to do a dl using left it would be a nightmare..
Message: Posted by: Dusty the magic clown (Sep 8, 2005 02:25PM)
I have a hard time shuffling becasue I'm a lefty it is awkward for me to use a overhand shuffle unless I do with the cars facing me whicvh doesn't work any ideas
Message: Posted by: Rhabarber (Sep 8, 2005 05:13PM)
I just tried to do a dl with my left hand. Now would somebody please pick up all 52 cards for me?

I wouldn't bother learning to do the sleights with both hands. In performance, nobody's gonna care about which hands you use. And if you just did a sleight with your left hand and then you need your right hand - well, just put the deck into the other hand.
Message: Posted by: Jaxon (Sep 9, 2005 02:52PM)
I have a kind of different view on this right/left handed issue. In sign language we can use either hand to sign but it's not a good thing to switch hands in the middle of a conversation.

For example the word "YEAR"
[url=http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/y/year.htm]Click here to see how it's signed[/url]

As you can see one hand is showing the action while the other doesn't move. The man in the images is signing right handed because his right hand is showing the action. If he was signing left handed then his left hand would be saying the action.

It doesn't matter which hand you sign with but if you sign right handed you should keep signing right handed because otherwise it'll become hard to fallow. The person they are talking to would look to that one hand to see the actions. If they go back and forth it becomes confusing.

I know this isn't exactly the same for magic but to me I can see it as clear as day when I watch a perform who change hands. For example most right handed people will top palm a card with their right hand as they hold the deck in left hand dealers grip.

In magic it doesn't matter what hand you use. It may not make a difference to most people but I think switching from hand to hand might subtly effect the smoothness of a performance. Maybe not to everyone though.

Ron Jaxon
Message: Posted by: TomKMagic (Sep 11, 2005 07:36PM)
Pasharabbit, I agree with what everyone has said above.

Personally, I also have the same issue, however, I have found that if you purposely practice a particular move or sleight with both hands equally, then you can adapt easier. Also, if you have it practiced well enough, and just make it look natural (like you aren't struggling) then no one will even question it.

One instance I can remember:
Right handed dealing is holding the deck in the left hand in mechanic grip or dealer grip and taking cards off top to deal on the table. I practice this way as well as Left handed (deck in right hand and left hand dealing the cards). Once I had another magician ask me if I was left handed because I was dealing left handed. I told them I didn't even know which way was even the normal way because I had practiced both ways so much that either felt natural.

Well good luck with practicing both ways. Train your hands to follow what your brain already knows how to do.

Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Sep 16, 2005 10:40AM)
Just another note on being ambidextrous. One of the best Zombie Ball routines I've seen was a gentleman who worked the ball with both hands. Switching from the left hand to the right hand. Continuing the switch multiple times during his routine added a lot more to the effect of the ball freely floating.
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Sep 16, 2005 11:41AM)
I worked at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research for a time and discovered that there is a class of people, much less now than before, that are 'Forced Right-Handers'. These people are genetically left handed but were forced as children to learn to be right handed. There are subtle clues to this. One is the hand from which they deal cards. Another the angle at which they put a tablet on the table. I can only write on the tablet if it is pivoted 90 degrees. That is to say, the left side of the tablet closest to me. Then I write from the 'bottom' (the left side is on the bottom from my perspective) to the top rather than left to right.

I also discovered that there are degrees of left-handedness. Some are more than others. Most people are at least a little left handed.

This comes in handy on DVDs though. You don't have to do a mirror image.
Message: Posted by: David Gardener (Oct 10, 2005 06:22PM)
You can also spread face up a bicycle deck and it will appear blank (just place a blank on the face), on of the advantages of Left handed magicians.