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Topic: Ellis ring question...
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Oct 27, 2002 07:20PM)
Finally got an Ellis Ring delivered after two other orders that were out of stock. It is a Viking model. It came with some tarnish spots on the outside, no bigey as it adds to the realism. The "thing" was corroded green inside, whatever, I'll live with it even though it's supposed to be new.
(never got &(%* from Viking before, so I was a little surprised)

My question: Does anybody use wax so they can let go of it while it's on a rope or stick?

I am ordering Mohammed Bey's booklet and would like to pick up a couple more devoted to the subject.

What other booklets should I pick up?
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Oct 27, 2002 08:59PM)
Scott F. Guinn has a routine on the Jardine Ellis Ring found in his book "Magishing My Way"
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Nov 1, 2002 11:27AM)
I read this and it cracked me up so much I started choking. I don't know if I have the right personality to pull it off though.

I found two other booklets and ordered them.

One is an old one from the 50s/60s and the other one comes with a steel setup for $5.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Nov 3, 2002 07:10PM)
The art of close-up magic by Lewis Ganson, Volume one, chapter 15, has eight Ellis Ring routines.

Message: Posted by: yken (Nov 3, 2002 11:16PM)
I have been thinking how to vanish an Ellis Ring (not a body) in front of audiences. lapping?(I think I can't because of its characteristic) topit?(I don't have it) Does these books give me a good idea? or Are there other good vanishes? I will much appreciate hearing your suggestion.
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Nov 4, 2002 09:18AM)
I am looking forward to getting the steel setup as it can vanish with a m****t. I may shim my brass set if I can get the right stock. I only have two killer effects so far and have not worked them into a routine yet.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Nov 4, 2002 10:14AM)
Yken you could use any coin vanish,french drop,false transfere,or your s***ve.The ring is thicker but about the same diameter as some coins,check the Bobo book. :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: yken (Nov 4, 2002 01:35PM)
Hi KingStardog, The magic shop I bought an expanded coin shell gave me the pieces of thin metal adhesive tape. It made my shells available with m****t. I think we can get these tapes on DIY shops.

oblique, I use Japanese coins for coin magic and those are smaller than a US half dollar. However your points are correct. I try to find a good move from coin magics.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Nov 6, 2002 04:42PM)
Got the steel ring and guess what? Its brass with a chrome plating! Its still ok, I was ordering for the book anyways. I was kind of hoping for a "toss on" type of effect with the single ring.

I would recommend the $5 ring and book from Daytona though. Its different from the Viking in its size and being much tougher and less bendable. It is an excellent value for the money.

I am pleased to have both types. The $5 one is going in my fanny pack, as it can take a beating pretty well. The soft Viking one is living in my close up case.