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Topic: IRiver Ipod
Message: Posted by: donsmagic (Aug 20, 2005 03:34PM)
I was just out looking at purchasing an Ipod for my show and the salesperson at Bestbuy said that the Iriver was far superior than the Apple. Any comments? I have barely any knowledge with this stuff. I also wanted to purchase Wireless Wizardry new M3 player. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: lowphat (Aug 20, 2005 08:53PM)
I have a 15GB ipod and I love it. I have a wireless remote for it to cue up my music. You can't go wrong with an iPod. Then again, I may be partial being a Mac user.
Message: Posted by: Colin Uk (Aug 21, 2005 02:51AM)

Just a thought is the Iriver made for the domestic or the professioanl market?

Message: Posted by: Jeff Haas (Aug 21, 2005 02:51AM)
For a show, stick with the iPod. It's the most popular portable player, and has the widest support for accessories, etc. The other ones may have more features (playing videos and so on) but you don't need that for the show. The guy in Best Buy was thinking of it as a gadget...you need a tool, for a specific use.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Aug 21, 2005 08:57AM)
I use an iPod as well with a wireless (RF) remote. I got this link from an ealier Magic Café thread: http://www.engineeredaudio.com/products/remote2.html. The remote is very small and I keep it attach to a retractable belt clip.

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Aug 22, 2005 05:11PM)
I'm a magician and an electronics salesperson, I will tell you that the IRIVER is a far superior piece of equipment. Here is why...

There is zero media transfer software with the IRIVER,it basically acts as a portable hard drive.

You can upload your ebooks to the IRIVER and view them as PDF files, awesome for on the go reading.

It is a louder device with a better D/A converter, so when you connect it to a full fledged sound system it will sound better.

IMHO the Iriver is a better product with just as many uses and supporting devices as the Ipod. Iriver's track record with the warranty they offer is also better. Places like Futureshop and Bestbuy have product replacement plans for the Iriver. If it breaks, it is replaced at the store on the day that you bring it in. If your Ipod breaks, it has to be sent back to Apple for repair.

Iriver, hands down....
Message: Posted by: ChristianR (Aug 22, 2005 05:15PM)
I use my iPod all the time and love it, why? Becuase its so simple. Are you going to read Ebooks during your show? I hope not, You can do this on an iPod too though. The iPod is so simple and easy to use. Power in simplicity.
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Aug 22, 2005 05:19PM)
Mad, the Iriver is just as simple to use as the iPod, and the transfer process with the Iriver is actually simpler then with the iPod. Plus -- there is a ton of mark-up in the Iriver, and next to none in the iPod. This means you can haggle a lower price a fair bit easier with the Iriver.
Message: Posted by: adzimme (Aug 31, 2005 08:28PM)
Not to open a flame war ipod v. any other MP3 player, but the IPOD is also usable as a USB drive. May people I work with in my day job use Ipods instead of memory sticks for that very reason (kill two birds with one stone). I chose IPOD because of Itunes. It is a very good transfer and organization mechanism. The use of smart playlists is very useful also. Now I am not using this in a performance, but I would agree with other posters on the advantage of a plethora of accessories.

Just my $0.02

Message: Posted by: what (Sep 1, 2005 10:16AM)
Are there any RF or IR remote controls for the IRiver?
Message: Posted by: 2hot (Sep 6, 2005 11:44PM)
Why get an mp3 player? If you're not picky about size, get a media player. The iRiver pmp is quite good. you can watch movies and listen to music!
Message: Posted by: magicleland (Sep 15, 2005 03:52PM)
Get a psp or a ipod! PSP Rocks!
Message: Posted by: Fitz (Sep 23, 2005 04:04AM)
What is an IRiver? Who makes it and why didn't they come up with an original name???