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Topic: Review: Paul Wilson's Taking Them Easy
Message: Posted by: Caleb Wiles (Aug 24, 2005 02:13PM)
Here's a quick review for Paul Wilson's Taking Them Easy routine. It can be purchased at rpaulwilson.com. The routine comes as PDF file via an instant download. For the asking price of just $5, this is well worth your consideration.

"Effect: The performer takes three black spot cards and the queen of
hearts from the deck. He uses these to demonstrate several
baffling versions of the famous “find the lady” scam. At the end the
spectator gets a chance to find the queen – this proves to be easy
since all four cards are now queens!"

The routine is relatively easy to perform. A Jordan Count is probably the most difficult move in the routine. The effect begins with three black spot cards and one Queen of Hearts. In true monte fashion, the Queen of course is never where it seems to be. As the effect continues, you eliminate spot cards one by one, seemingly making it easier for the spectator's to follow. To finish, you ask them to find a card besides a Queen. They will be totally surprised to find that all four cards have now transformed into Queens. The routine is fun to perform, and the ending really hits the audience right between the eyes.

The only downside to the effect is that there is a bit of a set up involved; the routine cannot be performed from a shuffled deck in use. However, the setup is not so involved as to make it unpractical to set in a few seconds before your performance. Also, since there are no gaffs involved, it can be done with a borrowed deck. I usually set up the trick in casual circumstances with someone else's deck while people are talking. When they ask to see a trick, I'm set to go.

You aren't going to find much better value for your money than this simple, yet effective monte routine. At only five dollars, this is highly recommended.

Message: Posted by: Mark Ross (Aug 27, 2005 04:36PM)
I too like this routine a lot. The set up is not difficult and you only need 2 counts that you probably already know. Put it together with a good presentation and it plays very well. The ending blows the viewers away.


Mark Ross