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Topic: New video uploaded
Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Aug 24, 2005 08:17PM)
Hi everyone

I have just uploaded a new promo video to the net. There may be some editing still to do, but I am pretty sure it is finished. I would love to see what people think.

It can be downloaded from: http://www.thefreakshow.co.uk/video/davidstraitjacket.wmv

There is fottage from a couple of escapes I did in China (underwater, and that d*mn rope escape) amongst the stuff there.


Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Aug 24, 2005 09:40PM)
Good job mate,

The video has some excellent footage. I especially liked the broken glass bit, where that large bloke was standing on your chest.

The nail/nose bit isn't really my taste, but it looks like you got the audience into it.

I loved the barbwire upsidedown bit, that is edge of my seat kind of stuff.

The only thing I would have done differently was the newspaper clippings at the onset, they flew by too fast to see clearly. I understand the video is not for people to read the articles, but I would have at least liked to see you and the headlines.

Over all, great job
Message: Posted by: sarat (Aug 24, 2005 10:32PM)
Same comment about the testimonials. There were like 4 on a page and I couldn't even read the first one they flew by so fast!

But I really enjoyed the escapes and the gross stuff too. (I only closed my eyes twice)
Message: Posted by: The Amazing Michael (Aug 25, 2005 01:04AM)
Outstanding!!! I really liked it! I wouldn't change a thing. I think the way you "flashed" the headlines did what you wanted it to do....generate interest and for people to WANT to know more about you. It will definitely cause people watch it twice and to seek more info on you. Good work. By the way, when I was thinner, you and I could have been mistaken for brothers....if not twins! The resembilence is uncanny! You had better watch what you eat or we will look alike again! LOL! Watch my Lock By-Pass video on Pastor Clydes web-site.....that is your future! LOL! All the best, Mike
Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Aug 25, 2005 08:02AM)
Hi guys

Thanks for the comments! Glad the video is (mostly) being approved.

I am aware of the speed of the quotes, cuttings, ect. However, as Michael pointed out the idea of those is mainly to attract people to look further. Also, the video will mostly be seen by people who download it from my website, or get it on disk. In both cases all the cuttings etc will accompany the footage, so they will have them to hand anyway. I suppose that if people had only the video they could hit pause if they really wanted to see the stuff. I might think about a less is more approach to the quotes, and just have one per page instead.

Michael, if I get bigger, we could think about doing a metamorphosis routine and seeing if anyone notices :)

Getting on with updating the website right now. Loads of new stuff to add!


Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 25, 2005 09:55AM)
WOW!!!! That's cool. Love it.

Really like the way the music builds up too. The different tracks you used for the opening sequence and the "freak" stuff is great.

Can't wait to see the updates to the website.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Aug 27, 2005 12:11PM)
Hi guys

The new website is up. Hope everyone likes it :)