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Topic: "New Posts" Not Resetting
Message: Posted by: Chris Calabrese (Oct 28, 2002 02:55PM)
You guys may be aware of this but I don't see a post about it anywhere. When I get here it shows anything posted since October 24th as having a "New Post," regardless of the fact that I've read those posts and visited dozens of times since the last post in those threads was posted. I have cookies set up correctly (it always shows me "logged in" when I arrive here) so I don't believe the problem is on my end.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Oct 28, 2002 03:11PM)
Chris: you shouldn't be logged in when you open the Café page. When you end your session, click the log off button. This should updated your new messages. If you still have trouble, try clicking on the keep me logged in button when you do log in. This may not be the total answer but it has resolved some issues in the past especially if you are using AOL or IE6.
Message: Posted by: Chris Calabrese (Oct 28, 2002 05:49PM)
Hi Dave. Prior to a few days ago the new messages would reset 15 minutes or so after I entered the Café. The messages not resetting seems to be a new development. I haven't changed anything on my end so I assume it's a problem with the Café software, although if I'm the only person that's encountering this problem it could be on my end. phpBB shouldn't require you to log out and in to reset the new messages, but I'll give it a try anyway.

Now where did I put that password... :idea:
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Oct 28, 2002 06:16PM)
Hi Chris. I was just offering suggestions based on previous problems I've seen sent in. I know my messages don't reset until I log out. I experimented until I found something that worked. If you find something that works, be sure to let us know.