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Topic: Antinomy WOW
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Aug 25, 2005 12:39PM)
The latest Anatinomy has a trick, titled, Reflection... by Dean Dill. Dean did this for us yesterday and I have to tell you... it is worth the price of a year's subscription! Fooled all (several times).

Not only that but a new marked coin in beer bottle trick he was doing NAILED the experts... no clue! No gimmicks, no switches and it is real. I have no idea how he got it in there. Can was sealed. Pop the top and pour it out and the coin IS REALLY IN THERE... signed, no switches.

I hear Criss Angel has bought the TV rights.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Aug 25, 2005 01:13PM)
I am very interested in Antinomy, does this mean these are all explained?

The Artful Ledger offers "Antics and Interludes." It includes thoughts on making your card magic more entertaining, as well as variations on "Daley's Aces" (in turn inspired by John Bannon's approach in Dear Mr. Fantasy ) and a packet effect by Jean-Jacques Sanvert. For a year's worth of Jon Racherbaumer content, join http://www.jonracherbaumer.com today!

Dean Dill asks about a mental "Reflection." It fools people. A spectator freely deals cards from a chosen deck. The card they stopped at is proven to be a "Reflection" of a prediction previously set aside. Check out Dean's Magic at http://www.deandill.com

Jack Parker contributes something old and something new with "100% Confidence" and "Friction Aces." If you like card magic, you'll love these. The cards go through surprising changes in these well-framed effects.

Jack T. Koopmans offers "Celebrity Search." The magician is able to magically stop on a card whose image matches the name of a celebrity that the spectator is thinking of.

Matt Herbert shows how to perform a "Sobriety Test." In this test, the rules are turned upside down as a Quarter is hidden behind a Dime. You better answer this one correctly, or you won't pass!

Norman Beck recommends how to pay (play?) "Hotel Bills." Norman uses a set of currency to illustrate a math puzzle where $1 disappears. He uses this effect to obtain free upgrades at the hotels he stays at.

In the third edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss discusses what has been assumed to be a pet phrase of Vernon's: "Don't make unimportant things important."
Message: Posted by: antinomy (Aug 25, 2005 02:51PM)

The coin trick Pete mentions is not in ANTINOMY, but the others you list are all in Issue 3 with explanations.

Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Aug 25, 2005 03:24PM)
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Aug 25, 2005 03:43PM)
I'll post this here also, Antinomy is a beutifully produced magazine that is worth every bit of what Gene is asking. The Quality of the product, the information and the magic is top notch. If you have not subscibed yet do so now, you won't be sorry.

Jeff Pierce
Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Aug 25, 2005 04:32PM)
The coin effect that Pete was describing sounds exactly like what Criss Angel is advertising in either Genii or Magic (can't remember which mag). I seem to recall it's going to sell for about 40 dollars.

As to Dean's "Reflection", I read this effect and immediately went out in search of a nice box. I'm quite anxious to try this one out.

As to any non-Antinomy subscribers, I can only say that there is not a better way to invest in your art. This is the only magazine that I continually re-read the articles over and over again. I'm really looking forward to the end of the year CD-ROM bonus Gene has promised us.
Message: Posted by: Doomo (Aug 25, 2005 05:42PM)
I thought that the cd rom bonus was a cd with all the issues on it... At least that is how it read to me...
Message: Posted by: Dirko (Aug 25, 2005 08:07PM)
How can I subscribe to this?
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Aug 25, 2005 08:30PM)
Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Aug 25, 2005 09:35PM)
On 2005-08-25 18:42, Doomo wrote:
I thought that the cd rom bonus was a cd with all the issues on it... At least that is how it read to me...
That's how I read it too...but how nice is it going to be to have all 4 issues available for viewing on our computers? Great idea and looking forward to it.
Message: Posted by: antinomy (Aug 25, 2005 10:10PM)
The CD ROM Annual will have all four of the issues from Year One on it, as well as additional bonus material.
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Aug 26, 2005 04:56AM)
On 2005-08-25 23:10, antinomy wrote:
The CD ROM Annual will have all four of the issues from Year One on it, as well as additional bonus material.

My cup runneth over.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Samdini (Aug 28, 2005 06:12PM)
Great magazine. Besides the tricks, I really enjoy Jon Racherbaumer and Jamy Ian Swiss' columns.
Message: Posted by: stevenamills (Sep 6, 2005 08:24AM)
I just picked up Antimony at a convention - a good read and good magic.

Dean's reflection is a fine trick, but does anyone else think it owes more than a little to Ken Brooke's Locked? (I don't have the original instructions for Nemo 1500, so I can't compare. Locked was its successor as the price of the Nemo 1500 props got out of hand, according to Ken. Possibly, Nemo 1500 is an earlier example.)

Message: Posted by: Mike Squires (Sep 9, 2005 02:12PM)
Just received 1,2, and 3 last Friday. They are very well put together, with a lot of thought from the contributors. Excellent periodical. The Dean Dill "Reflections" piece discussed above is a nice lesson that goes beyond just that trick. This is one of those publications you'll be kicking yourself over if you do not get in on it at the beginning.

Mike Squires
Message: Posted by: Cohiba (Sep 10, 2005 06:19PM)
Just to echo everyone else's sentiments... Antinomy is great! It's the best looking periodical I've ever seen, and the magic has been top-notch as well. "Reflection" is definitely worth the price of the subscription.
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Dec 7, 2005 12:49PM)
I have to add my voice to those that are singing the praises of [i]Antinomy [/i] ...

Fantastic close-up magic with excellent photos in a format that is a step above what any other close-up magazine has offered ...

In addition to the great magic, I look forward each issue to the columns from John Racherbaumer and Jamy Ian Swiss ... two of magic's best writers are given the space and the freedom to cover some very interesting topics so far ...

Congratulations Gene on getting the first year under your belt ...

If you have not seen this publication, you are missing out on something very special ...
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Dec 7, 2005 01:04PM)
Does it have all those horrible advertisements in it like the other magazines?
Message: Posted by: antinomy (Dec 7, 2005 01:11PM)
Not one ad in the 200 oversized pages that made up Year One.
Message: Posted by: magicbar1 (Dec 13, 2005 03:26AM)
Thanks for this fantastic publication
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Dec 13, 2005 03:57AM)
Nice to see Issue 4 for 2005 have 2 routines submitted by Hong Kong Magicians, Zenneth Kok and Tony Ko. Congratulations! Another small step in magic history, a giant step in my city's magician circle.
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Dec 13, 2005 07:26AM)

The magazine is of amazing print/paper quality and it always introduces 5-8 routines. In addition, it has some enjoyable reading from Racherbaumer, Swiss, Taylor and others. Their articles are very educational and sometimes thought provoking.

You should check out a copy.

Message: Posted by: e-man (Dec 13, 2005 11:24PM)
I cant wait to get my "Fingerprints" on the next issue!
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 14, 2005 09:34AM)
Is reflection the same as sinful?
and what is this antinomy? you pay 92$ and get some magazines and cd-roms or what? sounds interesting so far
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jan 14, 2007 12:29PM)
I subscribed and couldn't be happier! THE BEST Magic Magazines on the market. No Ads, just hard hitting magic and clever thoughts and insights.
Reflection is a card trick by Dean Dill. A spectator freely deals cards from a chosen deck. The card they stopped at is proven to be a "Reflection" of a prediction previously set aside. When I saw the demo to this on the bonus CD-Rom, I though 'WOW'. I was stunned, I had no idea, I immediately went and learned the effect and have it set up all the time.
Sinful is completely different! It is Wayne Houchin's 'Impromptu signed coin in borrowed can'. It is probably the best impromptu trick of the last century!
For the $92, you get 4 high class magic magazines with about 8 routines in them, so four magazines with 8 effects = 32 effects, not bad eh!.
All extremely well written and described, and printed on best quality paper. Lots of high definition pictures, and essays from Swiss and Racherbaumer. The CD-Rom has video performances of some of the effects in the magazines. It also has all four magazines on pdf format for when you are on the road and want to read them whilst taking up little room. You also get a bonus issue packed full of awesome magic on pdf. It is the best $92 I have ever spent! I can't recommend these enough!
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Jan 14, 2007 03:45PM)
My very words exactly Christopher. And Gene Taylor allready know how much I love Antinomy. It has no equal.
Message: Posted by: SIX (Jan 28, 2007 10:16PM)
So where can I learn Deans Effect?
Message: Posted by: antinomy (Jan 29, 2007 09:04AM)
Dean Dill's "Reflection" is in Issue #3 of ANTINOMY.
Message: Posted by: silverking (Jan 30, 2007 04:15PM)
Did anybody happen to find the "special" box for Dean's Reflection effect online anywhere?
I've scouted every antique shop in town and not found anything appropriate.
If you found one online anywhere, could you PM me the link please.
Message: Posted by: Eric Jones (Jan 30, 2007 09:59PM)





These are the best taht I could come up with on such short notice. I hope you see one that you like. Just do a search through what ever search engine you use for "wooden playing card boxes double boxes"
Message: Posted by: silverking (Jan 30, 2007 11:57PM)
Cheers Eric, thanks for the links and the tip!
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jan 31, 2007 04:27AM)
In the UK in London, there are hig quality wooden boxes to hold two decks of cards with brass playing card suit pictures on top (Heart, Club, Diamond and Spades), these are really cheap as well! Like 8 or something like that!
Message: Posted by: silverking (Jan 31, 2007 11:51AM)
A few kind folks posted here and PM'd me with links.

I've found the PERFECT box thanks to a PM and have ordered it up.

I've been playing around with the patter and moves for Dean's "Reflection" routine for months now and can't wait to try it out for real, with Dean's reccomended props.
You know how some routines give you the feeling even before you debut them that they're going to play very strong?......this is one of those routines for me.

.....but then I'm a huge fan of almost anything Dean puts out!

Thanks to those who assisted.

Has anybody else been doing this routine?.......how has it been playing?
Message: Posted by: silverking (Mar 14, 2007 09:47PM)
Just a note to anybody else trying Dean Dill's "Reflection", after spending quite a few bucks on a case, I got it today and it's beautiful......but it doesn't fit cards in their boxes, only loose.....which is a major drag.

I'm going to keep the case (because it cost me $40.00 and looks great) and try to vary the handling to do "Reflection" without the card boxes. Maybe I'll tie each loose deck with a ribbon or elastic band.

Lesson learned?......when you order off the internet, you can't ask questions you don't know you should be asking, and you can't stick the deck in the box before you buy to make sure it'll fit!