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Topic: Check out this sleight video
Message: Posted by: weapon (Aug 29, 2005 10:58AM)

Can somone name this move I'm executing. First brings a face down card too the top reversed as I turn the deck...second does the same but brings the face up card in the middle to the top face down..and the third is a color change.. I posted this in another topic, but I think the video explanation is getting over looked.. due to the face of it was the third post..sorry guys..but I can use yours comments ...thanks

P.S. It's not a Hermann style turnover pass..
Message: Posted by: Herrick, Jeff (Aug 29, 2005 01:36PM)
Great move Weapon
Message: Posted by: mickey.w (Aug 29, 2005 02:17PM)
This is something similar to a coffin change/pass by ray Kosby. the only difference is that you did the card from the middle of the deck, while Ray moved the top card to the bottom reversed.

Also note to Manuel Murete's "semi-automatic palm". A very similar move in the workings. I believe Daniel Garica has place this move (coffin change variant) inside to his video as a colour change into his video project. Maybe his credits to this can give you some references too.
(I dun have his video so I can't be sure whether he gave any credits....don't blame me if you can't find any reference.)
Message: Posted by: weapon (Aug 29, 2005 07:40PM)
Thanks guys...great help so far
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Aug 29, 2005 09:36PM)
Site is temporarily unavailable. I hope to see the move later.
Message: Posted by: weapon (Sep 3, 2005 09:32AM)
Should be ok now
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Sep 3, 2005 06:42PM)
I still can't get it to work.
Message: Posted by: 10cardsdown (Sep 3, 2005 07:02PM)
Looks really fast, and if "something" is happening. :hmmm:
Message: Posted by: Magicmaven (Sep 3, 2005 07:35PM)
I have no clue WHAT you are doing, very cool!
Message: Posted by: prospero (Sep 3, 2005 07:39PM)
You better have a clue... that's my move too!
Message: Posted by: racoon (Sep 20, 2005 07:07AM)
Hi Weapon,

It could be the Midnight Eclipse - It features in Secrets Draun From Underground. Steve credits the move to someone other than himself (I cant remember who though).