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Topic: Elastic or Regular IT?
Message: Posted by: Amadeus_Magi (Oct 30, 2002 03:23AM)
Elastic IT or Regular IT is better?
What is advantage and disadvantage of them and who is the winner???
Message: Posted by: HuronLow (Oct 30, 2002 05:51AM)
they r basically used for different effects. =)
Message: Posted by: Peelz (Oct 30, 2002 09:59AM)
I prefer elastic, but I use regular.. Im not quite sure why, but elastic just feels better and you can feel when its abought to break.. Allthough, regular I.T. does have a BIT of elasticity. Wow, this is a delemma, now youv got me thinking
Message: Posted by: Amadeus_Magi (Nov 9, 2002 01:59AM)
Hehehehe.... What a big dillema i have created for you Peelz, thanks for your advice
Message: Posted by: Andy G (Nov 10, 2002 11:32AM)
I use the LeClair animator. I tried loops, but found them incredibly frustrating to make, and use. I found they broke very easily. And they are nowhere near as invisible as regular IT. The Ben Harris stuff I had wasn't anyway. And that was really the deciding factor for me. The animator is more difficult to use, but with some practice it's not a problem. The only effect that I wanted to do that could be done with loops but not the Animator was the floating finger ring... that was until I found a way to do it, so for me there's no benifit to loops at all! And you can get a lifetime supply of thread for a few dollars once you know the source.

Message: Posted by: Mister Hyde (Nov 10, 2002 11:56AM)
Isn't it a pain to walk around with LeClair's hookup (like having the thread breaking/getting tangled, especially if you are out at night with friends and all, wearing a coat, shirt and what not?)
Message: Posted by: Andy G (Nov 10, 2002 12:35PM)
No way man, not at all. It's just a matter of getting used to it, knowing where it is etc. I go out all night on the bev, the secret is not to set one up till later. At some point I will set one up from the materials in my wallet, e.g. on a trip to the toilet. I can even set one up right in front of ppl, but not the way described in the book. I also hook up slightly differently to the book. Then once you're set up you can pretty much forget about it, once you know what the limitations are, i.e. how you can move around without breaking it. And if you break it no big deal, set another one up later. It's like a TT in that way I guess. Once you forget it's there etc. Trust me it's worth the effort. I've been using it in pubs and clubs for around 3 years. This hookup makes thread performance possible anytime, anywhere. I wait till I've put my jacket in the cloakroom generally, but you can attach to your jacket equally well with no additional risk of breakage. And btw I hated the thing when I first tried to use it!


PS PM me if you want to discuss the details.
Message: Posted by: DonB (Dec 13, 2002 08:07PM)
The elastic thread stretches like a rubber band and is used for things like the floating match.

The regular thread is the kind of thread typically found in ITR's and is used for effects such as the haunted deck and animated/floating bills. While the thread may have a little 'give,' it does not (and should not) stretch like a rubberband.