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Message: Posted by: James Owen (Oct 30, 2002 10:57AM)
Hi all, Can anyone tell me were i can get a TT video from. Thanks for your time and help it is very much appreciated.

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Message: Posted by: jbguy (Oct 30, 2002 11:17AM)
You can check out just about any online magic store. Penguin magic has the "25 Amazing Magic Tricks with a TT for only $9.99 http://www.penguinmagic.com (check the video section)
Message: Posted by: Callin (Oct 30, 2002 11:20AM)
We have the Patrick Page TT Video at Callin's.

Richard Green
Message: Posted by: jbguy (Oct 30, 2002 12:12PM)
Is the Patrick Page video not available on your website? I didn't find it there. How much do you sell it for? I have the Patrick Page video of sponge magic which is very nice.