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Topic: Problem with the boomerang
Message: Posted by: AznSAmagic (Oct 30, 2002 02:41PM)
Hey guys... I've been trying to do the boomerang card (from Greg Wilson's Card Stunts) and for the life of me, I can't get it to shoot off.

Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Feb 9, 2003 07:29PM)
Jeff McBride covers the boomerang card on one of his AOCM series. You can go to his website and see what is covered on each tape. He has VHS and DVDs of this series. *Disclaimer*- I, in no way, profit from this suggestion. Good luck. Lee. :bikes:
Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 10, 2003 05:34AM)
I do a one handed boomerang, where you hold the card between your thumb and first finger about an inch from the right lengthwise corner. Your palm faces down, then use the second finger to shoot the card. Is Greg Wilson's Boomerang Audley Walsh's long distance spinner?
Message: Posted by: HuronLow (Feb 13, 2003 05:47AM)
I think you're talking about, "I'm-not-sure-who-he-is'" spinner move (sorry). Just grip the deck really tight. Make your thumb a little more moist, lick it or something. You have to 'c' the cards upwards with your thumb, that helps, and do a slight upward motion with your arm. Don't straddle your cards too deep in or they'll just be stuck there.

Only the first joint of your index and pinky fingers are bent. You're kinda gripping the deck with the middle bone of your index finger and pinky, and your first joints of those two fingers make the grip tighter.

If you watch Greg Wilson's tape properly you'll see that the second and third fingers are more bent, but only the first joint touches the cards. I'm sorry that my explanation is not described too well. Just try it according to what I typed for you and you'll get it after a while. It does require practice. But it'll all pay off.
Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 13, 2003 07:28AM)
All right Huron, thanks for your help! I can make the card spin, but no boomerang. Any advice on the required angle?
Message: Posted by: Jem (Feb 13, 2003 09:00AM)
I guess it takes quite a bit of practice and experimenting to finally find the optimum angle. Right now, I've also just begun to practice the boomerang card, but can't seem to get the card to return to the original location. Somehow it seems to go off tangent on its way back. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing.
Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 14, 2003 06:56AM)
Ok then, practice practice practice!
Message: Posted by: Welshwizard (Feb 14, 2003 08:38AM)
On a related topic-I know that the move to shoot the card out of the pack after a hotshot cut is/was called the snow shoe. Who is the creator?
Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 14, 2003 08:41AM)
The creator was Daryl Martinez. There are countless sources to this sleight/flourish.