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Topic: Challenging sudoku variant
Message: Posted by: stanalger (Sep 4, 2005 08:15AM)

Alexandre Owen Muniz's Magic Sudoku puzzle is at the top of the page.
(It's at the top of the page as of Sept 4, 2005. If you're
reading this long after Sept 4, go to the above site and
look for the Aug 22, 2005 entry.)

Stan Alger
Message: Posted by: TomasB (Sep 5, 2005 01:18AM)
That is just beautiful. Be sure to click the link "'magic' 45-omino" to see more properties of this puzzle. Incredible how he got it all to fall into place.

If you like Sudoku, be sure to check out the ones Times put out at http://www.timesonline.co.uk/section/0,,18209,00.html

Their Fiendish ones are sometimes among the best I've seen and the puzzle creator tends to make nice looking symmetrical puzzles. There is a new version there called Killer which gives you no numbers prewritten, but the sums of groups of numbers.