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Topic: Ode to Halloween!
Message: Posted by: Margarette (Oct 30, 2002 04:03PM)
Twas the night of All Hallow's Eve, and the house was a buzz
Excited and anxious, everyone was!!
The children in costumes, supper, they had already been fed
Visions of candy danced around in their heads.
Little ones ready to go into the night
With monsters and goblins...OH WHAT A FRIGHT!
Their greeting had been all well rehearsed..
"Trick or treat...trick or treat", they all seem to be well versed.
Then out into the night went the parents with the kids
With bags and buckets all ready, no need for the lids.
They were all in costumes, kids and adults too..
Monsters and goblins and ghosts that said BOO!
Going house to house in search of candy...
This one night a year....oh isn't it dandy!!
Chocolate and peppermint, and gum they do get
Please don't let it rain, so our treats won't get wet!
"The good stuff is there" pointed a vampire bat
"...and over there, too" said a witch with her black cat.
The neighborhood houses everyone did go...
It's now getting late, the children are starting to slow.
Back at home, their treasure was spread...
all over the floor....all over the bed.
Choosing the best, and putting it aside,
"Only two more tonight" by Mom's rule they did abide.
Costumes removed and put up on shelves...
They all seemed quite satisfied with themselves.
Tucked into bed, ready to sleep for the night
After their story, Mom turned out the light.
With the children asleep, Mom now could relax...
With popcorn and a movie...hmmm Lizzie and her ax!
All Hallow's Eve comes but once a year...
The monsters aren't real, you have nothing to fear.
Enjoy the monsters and ghosts dressed in white
A spooky Halloween to you.....and have....a....good....bite!!

Happy Halloween to the Magic Café!!!

Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Oct 30, 2002 05:14PM)
And a Happy Hallowe'en to you, too!
Message: Posted by: Seance (Oct 31, 2002 01:47PM)
"From ghoulies to ghosties
and long-leggety beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!"
- Anonymous

Happy Samhain!