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Topic: Memorising Pi
Message: Posted by: James Houston (Sep 6, 2005 08:21AM)
Hi guys, just thought I'd make a post to see if anyone would like to join me... on the feat of memorising pi?
I've got pi to one million decimal places all printed out, but I'll be more than happy if I can memorise a few hundred places. I think the record is remembering around 44000 places, but as I said - I'll settle for 300 places maximum. Not to mention, that if performed for entertainment - people would get way bored around the 50 mark.
Oh, another note - I plan to do this as legitimately as possible (using mnemonics etc, and properly remembering the digits) although can see myself getting bored and resorting to cheating in some way.
Anyone touched anything like this before?

EDIT: Oops, forgot to add the digits for anyone to try too. Here's pi to 230 decimal places:
1592 6535 8979 3238 4626 4338 3279 5028 8419 7169 3993 7510 5820 9749 4459 2307 8164 0628 6208 9986 2803 4825 3421 1706 7982 1480 8651 3282 3066 4709 3844 6095 5058 2231 7253 5940 8128 4811 1745 0284 1027 0193 8521 1055 5964 4622 9489 5493 0381 9644 2881 0975 6659 3344 6128 4756 4823 3

Doesn't look like a lot, does it? ;)
Message: Posted by: noncom (Sep 6, 2005 09:23AM)
Hmmmmm, can't believe I'm sad enough to care, but I always thought (due to the curious rhyme by which I memorised 30 decimals) that the third block of four digits should be 8989, rather than 8979. Perhaps I've been misleading people all this time.

Or perhaps I should get out more.

Message: Posted by: bodin (Sep 6, 2005 09:23AM)
How would you present this?

I have had a training page here since 1997, if anyone is interested:

Message: Posted by: James Houston (Sep 6, 2005 09:40AM)
No idea how I'd present this, as of yet. I think I'd lock eye contact with a chosen spectator - to make sure I can't look away, and get another spectator to varify my results using a sheet of paper with the numbers printed on.

Just a little psychological point - that sheet with the numbers on would have quite a small font and contain as many decimal places as I can on it. It would be long like a scroll so to the bigger audience who aren't following along, it would seem that I've memorised more than I actually have. If that makes sense?

Noncom, I'd be interested in finding out what that rhyme is? I checked some various webpages and they all have 8979, although it's possible that they could all be taken from the same flawed source.

Wow, that training page is exactly what I need! Custom built for my purposes! I like how it gives you the next 5 only when you've got the first lot correct. Genius, well done bodin :)

Anyone got any tips, mneumonic aids, rhymes etc?

PS: I've already got as far as 3.14159265358979
Message: Posted by: Y3T1 (Sep 6, 2005 11:29AM)
That's the hard thing with Pi it doesn't really have a rhyme, e is a lot more easy. But why don't you just build your own Pi after about 10 numbers, with better to memorize Numbers. Nobody in the knows audience more than 5 anyway
Message: Posted by: Jean-Denis (Sep 6, 2005 12:13PM)
Remembering the 128 first numbers is absolutely not boring for the audience. Not too long, not too short. If you can recall them fast, you should keep the audience attention until the end.

I learned with the "8979". The information was taken from a very old book I have here.

By the way, for those who know french, here are the sentences to remember PI:

Mon terrier de lapin ne gèle
Ma loi veux bien, combats mieux, ne méfait
Riez jeunes gens, remuez moins vos mines
Qu'un bon lacet nous fit voir a deux pas
Que ton jabot moins bombé m'écoule
Ta salive ne s'est pas corrompue
Rends roulant bien nos mises convoitées
Cher a ses gens, ni facheux, si sans foi
Beaux, bien vus, nos voisins m'ont ravi
Nous l'aimerons, ne tendant qu'a sa joie
Combien venus dérivent sans jalons
Elle témoigne vainement, sans changer
Air qui sait bien me faire enrager!

These sentences almost make sense but are easy to remember.

What are the best english sentences you found for the english PI?
Message: Posted by: Magical Lady (Sep 6, 2005 01:23PM)
Some of these links are just fabulous for us newcomers - Many thanks all!
Message: Posted by: Magical Lady (Sep 6, 2005 01:23PM)
Some of these links are just fabulous for us newcomers - Many thanks all!
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Sep 6, 2005 10:23PM)
I'm currently holding steady at [url=http://members.cox.net/beagenius/pi400.html]400 digits of Pi[/url]. If you're really interested in going for a world record amount of digits, I describe one approach which will allow you to do this in the [url=http://www.ludism.org/mentat/PiMemorisation]PiMemorisation[/url] article over on [url=http://www.ludism.org/mentat/]Mentat Wiki[/url].

However far you get, don't forget to register with [url=http://www.acc.umu.se/~olletg/]Olle The Greatest[/url]!

BTW, as I mention on [url=http://headinside.blogspot.com/]my blog[/url], a new record of [url=http://headinside.blogspot.com/2005/07/new-pi-world-record.html]83,431 digits[/url] was recently set.

My current presentation for Pi involves giving them a [url=http://members.cox.net/beagenius/pichart.html]"Pi Chart"[/url], divided into columns labeled 1-10 and rows labeled A-J. I mention that this is a mental warm-up. First, I ask for any co-ordinate in row A or B, and give the 4 coordinates at that digit. Next, I do the same for any row from C to E. Finally, I finish off with any coordinate in row F through J, and giving these 4 backwards, apparently "accidentally".
Message: Posted by: James Houston (Sep 7, 2005 12:02PM)
Wow nice one!!

Thanks guys!
Message: Posted by: tos (Sep 7, 2005 03:07PM)
A few years ago, I memorized 100 digits of pi using the following web page:

Once I got all of them right, I just forgot them. So I'm back to 3.141592, which is fine for me.
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Sep 8, 2005 02:57PM)
For presentation, I use a grid of letters one way, numbers another, with ten-digit blocks of numbers in each cell. That way, you can prove how many digits you have memorized without having to recite the whole thing without error.

Please see:


The grid is here:


News on an offical record attempt is here:


Note that, for a record, it's how many digits you can recite before you make your first mistake.

I would say that 300 digits is easily attainable, even for someone fairly new to mnemonics.