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Topic: Inspiration can strike anywhere
Message: Posted by: steve j (Sep 7, 2005 05:29PM)
I am a college student so when I'm not doing school work I'm practicing a new move or trick or both, but so far I have been coming up with my own effects (by my own I mean I am not aware of them existing), I say this because I have been getting a lot of can you do..., so I would make up a way of doing it on the spot, too bad I have a bad memory and I can't always remember them all. Anyone else ever make a trick on the spot when someone has given you an idea.
Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Sep 8, 2005 03:53AM)
Many more times than I can remember! :rotf: Lately though, I've grown accustomed to document them in a notebook, as I too have a failing memory! :rotf: Keep a diary of your ideas...It'll come in handy later! :bluebikes:

Message: Posted by: rannie (Sep 8, 2005 07:04AM)
I agree, inspirations can be fleeting. A magic notebook is the way to go.

Better to have them documented than be sorry! Now....., if I could only remember where I put that darn notebook!

Message: Posted by: calexa (Sep 8, 2005 07:22AM)
I have a nice book, with a leather cover in black.... looks very nice, and I write all my "magic secrets" inside....

Message: Posted by: Xiero (Sep 8, 2005 07:29AM)
I've been using my phone to document my ideas. Just toss in a new voice record and away I go. Sadly, if anything happens to my phone, I'd be s.o.l... I need to make a journal! :)