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Topic: Card under bottle
Message: Posted by: magicpro212 (Sep 8, 2005 02:39AM)
I recently had an idea for card under bottle.
Every I got get a pespsi or anyother drink from a machine and take the cap off and see "TRY AGAIN" I have this thing where it would say something along the lines of "for card look under bottle"
And the misdertion is great because as you lift up the bottle to take the cap off you load the card right under from a palm or whatever and have them read it.
Just a thought.

I would be intrested on any feed back or information such as theis been done before or anything of the sort.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Sep 8, 2005 02:46AM)
You might want to look into Karl Norman's Card Under the Glass for some tips on getting the card in place. If you use his technique, you can do it before they remove the cap.

The message in the cap is new to me, though.