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Topic: One over the eight
Message: Posted by: clunk_71 (Jan 3, 2002 01:11PM)
I'm pretty loyal to the routine that I use with this, because I've never had any trouble with it.

I use the glide and all four stacks are presented and executed differently to each other. This always confuses and baffles my victims.

But not so long back I saw somebody demo this routine in a shop and I was amazed at the handling.......it was almost like the wild card routine, with nearly all the cards held in the hands throughout.

Has anyone seen this? And do you know where I can find the routine ???


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Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jan 4, 2002 01:57AM)

If this is the routine I think you are describing, it is Steve Hamilton's, "In the Hands Wild Card Routine". This can be found in Paul Wilson's, "Little Black Book Lecture Notes."

Take care,

Dorian Rhodell
Message: Posted by: clunk_71 (Jan 4, 2002 04:37AM)
Cheers Dorian..

I was told this was the, "One over the eight," only handled differently and not wild card.

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Thanx Lee

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Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 4, 2002 01:59PM)
Then maybe someone has taken the One over the Eight cards and changed the handling themselves, and it is not in print! Some people do things like that you know :)

Hey Dorian, did Steve know his routine was in Paul's lecture notes?

There are loads of wild card variants out there, including some impromptu. Apart from Steve, Rob Bromley once had a funny one that is unobtainable now that you could work in the hands.

Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jan 7, 2002 02:29AM)

As far as I know, Steve is and was aware that the trick would be in Paul's lecture notes. I don't think Paul would have put it in print if Steve didn't want it to be there.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 7, 2002 06:23AM)
There will be loads of references to good wild card routines in my next book on packet trick magic. May be out by Xmas.

Paul Hallas.