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Topic: Another dice gem found in the Apocalypse!
Message: Posted by: Craig Ousterling (Oct 31, 2002 12:34PM)
Wow... anyone seen 'Die-a-monte'? What a cool trick. now I need to find the makings for the props. Need to find three blank white dice and one blank red one matching in size, any suggestions on where to find things like that?
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Oct 31, 2002 03:09PM)
I hate props especially with dice. Just learn DR Sacks dice routine with a ordniday pair of dice an you have a killer routine without any gimmicks .......
sorry I dont mean to come on that strong
. vinny
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Oct 31, 2002 03:40PM)
I saw blank dice for sale on ebay.
vinny's right that the sacks trick is good.
Message: Posted by: Craig Ousterling (Oct 31, 2002 03:49PM)
They aren't really gaffed dice. But buying a die with only one spot on it is kind of difficult to find.

Sacks is a great routine.

This trick is a great routine for a monte with dice instead of cards. 3 dice... one with a spot.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Oct 31, 2002 09:14PM)
Try Koplow Games, Box 965, Hull, MA 02045. They have all kinds of specialty dice.
Message: Posted by: JasonDean (Oct 31, 2002 11:39PM)
Check out Bob Sheets dice routine,I prefer it over sacks dice routine.---Jason Dean---
Message: Posted by: Geoff Williams (Nov 1, 2002 07:47AM)
I would second Jason's vote for Bob Sheets' routine "It's the Rules!" The moves are even easier than in the Saks routine (if you can imagine that) and the ending is absolutely stunning. It can also be easily done with relatively-large dice (unlike the Saks handling).

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Nov 1, 2002 09:33AM)
I have four videos on dice
1 Druan On Dice Steve Druan
2 Ivory connection ,Steve Dobson Reed MClintock
3 its The Rules , BOB Sheets
4 DR.Sacks DiceTricks, James Lewis

Dr Sacks Is still in my opinion the best routine. Lwis teaches Micheal Skinners slow reveal which is a beautiful move,

Dr Sacks routine has been around for over 50 years and this effect still is the best It can be found in Bruce Elliotts book ,Classic Scerets of magic and some old Phoenix magazines.
Message: Posted by: Mickey Cohen (Jan 12, 2003 05:32PM)
You can find every die imaginable at The Gamblers General Store on Main st. in Las Vegas.check Yahoo for The Gamblers General Store
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Jan 12, 2003 08:58PM)
That's not a very smart thing to say Vinny. That's like saying "I hate gaffed cards. Just do Ambitious Card. It's killer."
Uh...yeah. It IS killer. But there are other cool things to do with cards too. Just like dice.
Grey, Mike Webber has a cool trick with dice in Richards Almanac you might want to check out. Vernon has a great routine in "The Dai Vernon Book of Magic" with dice doing a 2-in-the-hand sequence that ends with a regular, a small and a large die. Paul Gertner also has a great routine using dice that ends with a baseball sized dice then a HUGE dice under your hat. I believe it might be in Steel and Silver. Or I guess you could just do what everyone else is doing like Vinny suggested.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jan 12, 2003 11:17PM)
IXNAY66 Your right I dislike gaff cards or gimmicked any thing , But that's just me. When the gimmick breaks or wears out the trick is DONE. that's the bottom line . unless your able to make a gimmick that is equal to the origonial. This is why I prefer to do tricks that do not require a gimmick.
However I do gimmicked tricks every once in a while.
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Jan 13, 2003 08:45AM)
I hear ya Vinny. I don't mind a FEW gimmicks. C/S coins, Shells and double back/double face cards. That's about it.