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Topic: Mind Reading in Boston
Message: Posted by: Jon Stetson (Sep 12, 2005 05:03PM)

Once again, our patrons have spoken, and we have listened! You want guests!
We've got your guests, right here! The last few weeks were filled with guests,
and have been great! So, the "Mystery Lounge" is proud to announce that we
will have more special guests THIS WEEK! That's right, on this Tuesday,
September 13th, one of the country's busiest pair of entertainers will be gracing the
Mystery Lounge stage for the first time.

Larry Maples and Raven are a couple that have many unique talents, including
the ability to dive into the subconscience and transfer thoughts between them
about stuff that's hidden in YOUR head, without any hocus pocus. They have
taken what was considered to be a long lost technique of thought transference
that was popularized decades ago by the fabulous Tommy & Liz Tucker, and brought
it back to life for today's audiences. Some say they are psychic, others
aren't sure what to call what Larry & Raven do, but it they are captivating
audiences wherever they go. Very few people have ever actually had these rare
abilities, but Larry & Raven do, and they are bringing their talents to the Mystery
Lounge. But that's not all! For those who have been to the Mystery Lounge
before, you know about our preshow, close-up entertainment. We're adding to that
pre-show fun starting this week with some great performers who will add to your
experience. You can read about them a little further down in this email. Of
course, along with our special guests this Tuesday, you will witness the doctor
of magic and mirth, Joe Howard, the sophisticated sleight-of-hand of Bob
Riordan, the ever-popular Mike Bent and his world of wacky, the man who knows what
you're thinking Jon Stetson, and the guy with the purple stuff and the birds,
David Oliver!

Call for reservations TODAY!

WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?

The "Mystery Lounge" is upstairs at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square,
Cambridge, MA (1236 Mass Ave). Look for the NEW, fancy-schmancy sandwichboard sign
out front! The "Mystery Lounge" show starts at 8:00pm. Our pre-show,
sleight-of-hand, close-up magic session at the 2nd floor bar will be hosted by Alpen
"yes-that's-my-real-hair" Nacar, and he will be joined by the fabulous
sleight-of-hand magic of our long-time friend, Don Konick. Don Konick is one of
Boston's underground treasures of magic, and we are happy to have him perform for
you on Tuesday, beginning at 7:00pm. As if your mind wasn't brimming excitement
over this already, we were able to arrange to have one of Boston's top psychic
readers, Tony Iacoviello join our talented troupe this week, to answer your
questions about your past, present and future, before the show. Tony is the
best at what he does, and if you come on Tuesday, you'll know why! This is going
to be a night to remember!! Come early, and join Alpen, Don & Tony at the bar
this week for some unbelievable preshow magical fun at the "Mystery Lounge."
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Sep 16, 2005 08:29PM)
***! What a show ... if the drive from Denver was a bit shorter ...

if you live in the Boston area .. don't you dare miss this show!