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Topic: Roy le's material on E-bay for sale(Is this material Treasure or Trash)
Message: Posted by: magician2000 (Sep 13, 2005 08:55AM)
Yes I have read that the opinion of the man on the site is not very high.
I am however looking for input from anyone that has bought the material and worked thru it. (53 TRAINING DVD's + 13 CD's COMPLETE BUSINESS IN A BOX). I am not going to list everything in the package as it is on the E-bay site and a waste of valuable space. On a scale of 0-10 what would you rate it/is there any value to be had from the DVD set? Using the criteria that Online-visions use for its evaluations:
Material, Practicality, Quality of Production, Quality of Instruction, Presentation, and Originality.

Has anyone completed the any of the DVD's sets in this package, and is it Treasure or Trash. (Please don't go on any rants about Royle, as there are many pages where those opinions can be found.) I am strictly looking for opinions on the material.