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Topic: WOW, Magic Masterclass Review
Message: Posted by: natmagic (Sep 19, 2005 11:56AM)
Hi all,
I am now the very happy owner of one of the Magic Masteclass DVD's. What an amazing concept they have come up with. My DVD arrived this morning and I can't wait to start producing my own DVD. I opted to go for their new version (Magic Masterclass No.2) where they put my name, photo and website on the menu of the DVD. It really does look like my own product now.
The people at Magic Masterclass have produced generic DVDs for magicians to sell. The first one I believe you just change the cover of the DVD sleeve, but on No.2 they put your name etc on the actual menu of the DVD which to me is a much better idea.
The design and menu options are excellent, all the tricks are great and very easy for kids and adults to learn from ages eight and up. They teach the tricks with white gloves on, no voice over, just some text and background music so it is a very generic DVD.
Originally I looked in to getting my own DVD made up from scratch but the cost of filming, editing etc. was beyond my budget, so for $250 from Magic Masterclass I now own my own Master Teaching Magic DVD and can produce as many as I like.
I will now take my DVD to a professional duplication company and for only $1400 will get 10000 copies with everything complete, including packaging, burning etc etc. and sell these for $20.00 after my shows and use them as giveaways etc.
Just wanted to thank Magic Masterclass for a fantastic product, although I think for $250 it's far too cheap, (they have another version as well, No. 1 for $150!!) and MagicCafe members for putting me on to them. Here is something I have purchased and will make my money back in no time at all.
If anybody is interested in seeing an example or reading more about their products do what I did and click on their advertising banner on MagicCafe.
Message: Posted by: *Bro* (Sep 19, 2005 12:45PM)
I bought the magic master classs volume one dvd several months back. I have literally sold hundreds of these dvd's since the original purchase and have been blown away by the response. I used these dvds for mostly for B O R sales after my corporate shows. Also like many other magicians, I supplement my living with an alter ego "Gilbert Green" as a Children and family entertainer, fairs, birthday's etc. and thought I would try a dvd in this arena. Needless to say since I started offering a free instructional magic dvd for the birthday child in my deluxe birthday party package, I have seen big results as far as having an edge on other entertainers when they are scrolling through the yellow pages looking for that performer who offers something fresh and modern not just the balloons and rabbit thing. This is a lasting giveaway and the percieved value is huge. I didn't have to do a thing except send them to my website, they grabbed an image put it all together and I had the dvd's ready to go in 12 days. Enough said !
Message: Posted by: natmagic (Sep 23, 2005 04:01PM)
Hi again
I just did my first show with my new DVD (outdoor festival) and sold over $500 worth of DVDs using Magic Masterclass DVDs. I printed and copied 30 DVDs hoping to sell only a few but sold 25!!! I couldn't believe it. On top of my fee I made an extra $500 after my show. Considering the original DVD (I opted for the DVD with my own photo and name etc on the menu of the DVD itself) I bought for $250 I have made my money back and more.
These are really worth checking out! I found Magic Masterclass via the Café add but you can view them at
Message: Posted by: Paul Romhany (Sep 23, 2005 08:28PM)
Thanks for the kind words Nat and Bro. So glad you are using the DVD. We know from first hand how these can increase your income.
Just had this review come in from Dan Sperry! who has our DVD.

"The quality is excellent, the tricks are excellent, and the price for these is waaaay to cheap for what we get in return. Thank you again! This is totally one of the best REAL PRODUCTS to come out for magicians in a LOOOOOOOOONG time. High five guys!
Rawk on,
Dan Sperry

Thanks to all for the great reviews of our DVDs.