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Topic: Dealing Blackjack
Message: Posted by: MisterE21 (Sep 20, 2005 01:20AM)
One of our clients is hosting a monte carlo night and have asked us to have one of employees come run a black jack table. It's a marketing oppourtunity and out industry (title company) has some bizarre marketing laws, so we take every legal oppourtunity we can...Obviously, we're going to do it. And, somewhat obviously, I've been elected as the person who will be running the black jack table.

I would like to get the dealing as close to generally proper procedure as possible, though it doesn't need to be perfect. I haven't nailed down the specifics yet (handheld v. show, single deck v. multiple deck and, the most important consdiration...can I cheat, which I'll discuss shortly...)

So, my first question is simple: <b>does anyone know of anywhere that I can find a good, cheap source of typical casino blackjack procedures?</b>

I'm discussing mainly the shuffle/cut procedures and the dealing itself. It's been awhile since I played in a casino (our closest is an hour away) and so my memory is a bit fuzzy. If anyone has any dealing experience and would kind enough to discuss with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

As far as cheating, since I'm the clients turf, I'll leave it up to them. I've been to a few corporate monte carlo nights in my time and some of them have allowed the dealers to cheat and some haven't. It's all in fun, sometimes with prizes sometimes without, so it should be interesting...hopefully, they'll allow me to use my knowledge and skills to make it as entertaining as possible, but who knows. ::shrug::

My other question: <b> aside from the Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes and Extreme Begginerz, what are other good sources of <i>table</i> flourishes?</b>

I know I've got some hidden here and there in my literature and will be reviewing this weekend, but anything you could point me to would be greatly helpful. I've got about a month to get into shape and, since I'm pretty much already there on everything I currently do, I'd like to spend some time adding some new flourishes/moves to my arsenal for tabled stuff.


Any help is greatly appreciated and, obviously, any suggestions on how to make the night as fun for our clients would be appreciated as well. I know it comes down to my personality, in the end of it, but I'm not worried about that because I know how I am when I "perform" and even if I'm dealing straight with minimal flourishes, I'll still be in "performance mode."

Thanks for reading, thinking and helping!

Message: Posted by: KidCrenshaw (Sep 20, 2005 04:39AM)
Well, Blackjack for Dummies is pretty comprehensive. I've read over it and it offers more than you'd care to know about procedure.

As far as shuffling and cutting, you could probably get away with alot. That's because every casino I've been in in the last 6 or 7 years uses an automatic shuffler, which is usually positioned directly in front of the dealer in a recessed cutout, that raises and lowers mechanically with the touch of a button, again, in front of the dealer. If you use an auto shuffler, you cut the deck (which is normally two complete decks) on the table very fairly. This is done by placing a non=transparent plastic marker next to the deck, making a cut onto it, then carrying the cut to complete. They use a marker to prevent peeking at the bottom, but with some ingenuity, you can lure them into a false security by machining the marker to allow for bottom dealing.

What they could also have is a dealing shoe. This can hold about three decks at once, and aids in the prevention of card counting. On the other hand, the crafting, and thorough knowledge of your own can yeild one heel of a cheat tool. In Annotated Erdnase, Ortiz explains briefly about this, if you have it check it out it's at the front of the book on history. With a shoe, you can have an index peek built in, you can have an edge grip that allows you to utilize the index peek to deal seconds.

That's about all I can offer help with, I hope you have fun at this soiree, sounds like a blast.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Z (Sep 20, 2005 11:07AM)
Blackjack's certainly the easiest game to deal.

However, can't give you much advice till it's determined whether it'll be a handheld or shoe game...

Obviously, whatever you do, deal from left to right and pay from right to left.

Riffle, riffle, strip, riffle, cut for a single deck game. Adding more decks will involve variations on this theme.
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Sep 20, 2005 11:17AM)
I think you'd be able to find most of the info you need on the net. If not, I'd just go into Barnes and Noble grab a few books and make some notes. It's pretty straight foward. You shouldn't have to make any monitary investment to get the info you need.

Theres a lot of ways to cheat. If using a single deck dealing from the hand, you shouldn't lose a hand if you don't want to.

Message: Posted by: MisterE21 (Sep 20, 2005 11:56AM)
The cheating would actually be in the players favor, not the dealers. :)
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 20, 2005 01:15PM)
I would ask at this forum it is a, pro casino dealer site, they have a book on dealing poker but I am not sure if they have one for blackjack.

Message: Posted by: iamslow (Sep 20, 2005 01:44PM)
Hey Tommy, Im a member on that site... I think there should be a section(tutorial?) on dealing BJ... I think they will also be putting up a tutorial on poker dealing...
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 20, 2005 02:06PM)
They do have a tutorial on poker dealing but they have not completed it yet. It is about time they did, I keep having a look but it has been the same for months.
But it is good even though it an't finnished.

I like the BJ pratice mats they have there.
Message: Posted by: rawdawg (Sep 20, 2005 03:23PM)
I deal 21 for a Gambling Rental Service. It's single deck and my sequence is riffle, riffle, strip, riffle, cut. To keep the game moving along, I deal the players cards face up. I also clear out all busted hands as they happen and pay off the naturals immediately, otherwise, there will be a mess at the end.

What I've noticed in all my dealings is that even if the game is for charity or just plain free entertainment, people will still try to cheat, ie. cap, switch, etc... Usually, it's a girl, usually they're pretty or think that they're pretty and usually, they offer a flash or try to cop a feel.

When the game is loose and we aren't doing prizes and the boss let's it go, I will play Monte with anyone who hits a natural. 500 dollar chip if they can find the Ace. No one has collected as of yet. I also do a card trick under the guise of a contest. I show the Ace of Spades and state that whoever finds it gets a 500 dollar chip. The chip is in the middle of the layout. I "shuffle" the Ace into the deck and palm it out. I move the chip slightly out of the way so that I can spread the deck face up. This is when I load the Ace under the chip. Everybody is so intent on finding the Ace that they "NEVER" see the only face down card underneath the chip merely inches away. It is always somebody who isn't playing the game that finds it.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that if the girl is pretty, she will win a higher percentage of her double downs...
Message: Posted by: MikeHall (Sep 20, 2005 03:50PM)
Contact the gamblers book store, http://www.gamblersbook.com/ they have books for dealing technique and proper procedure it would be your best route would teach you proper game protection procedures as well as shuffle and dealing technique.

As a formes Casino employee ( dealer, boxperson, pit boss and shift manager) I am constantly amused by the posts from people who believe the are good at handling cards think they would make good dealers. Many of the best dealers I have seen or trained had no prior card or check (chip) handling experience. That part can be learned in a week or two, what takes experience is full knowledge of individual casino procedures.

just a pet peeve of mine.

Message: Posted by: ImpromptuBoy (Sep 20, 2005 03:54PM)
If you're looking for cheating, then Dustin D. Mark's Cheating At Blackjack DVD is the right choice! Trust me, I learned a lot of cheating methods from the tape. It covers mucks, second deals, palming, and other wonderful cheating methods.
All the best,

Message: Posted by: salcedo (Jan 2, 2006 04:21PM)
I'm sure it is too late for your event, but I was looking for the same information and I just found a site that has it.

I spent New Year's Eve with relatives, and we were playing some blackjack. I was dealing, and one of the in-laws kept telling me things that I was doing wrong. I was sure that I was right according to Vegas rules, but since it has been at least a couple of years since I've been to a casino, I was a bit uncertain. So I decided to keep the peace and just do it his way. Anyway, I needed to prove to myself that I was right so I've been on the prowl for dealers rules.

The three main questions of that night were:

Q1) Which dealer's card is the up card, first or second?
A) Dealer's first card is the up card, hole card is the second card.

Q2) Does the dealer hit or stand on 17s?
A) In Vegas rules, the dealer hits on soft 17, stands on hard 17.

Q3) If both a player and the dealer have blackjack, is it a push?
A) Yes it is a push.

Anyway, since I found a site with most of the rules, I thought I ought to come back here and share it in case anyone else is looking for this information too.


Also look at the wikipedia page for blackjack


Between the two of these, I think just about everything is covered

Message: Posted by: tommy (Oct 20, 2007 08:18PM)
How old is the baby now? :)
Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Oct 21, 2007 11:58AM)
I thought that the proper shuffle sequence was, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, strip, shuffle, and one handed cut to a cut card?

and regarding the 3 questions in the post above, I believe that many rules change regarding what casino your are in.
Message: Posted by: gadfly3d (Nov 9, 2007 09:56AM)
The "proper" shuffle can also vary from floor person to floor person.