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Topic: ??? How to incorporate ???
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Sep 23, 2005 12:41AM)
I have a show coming up (Nov. 22nd). The show is for a morning chapel at a private school. The students have been studying the names of God. They are specifically focusing on the Old Testament names and the characteristics of God that each name reveals. (For example, Elohim, Creator God, El Shadai, Almighty God, etc.) I know that might be a bit tricky to incorporate into a show, but maybe you could think about it and come up with an idea I haven't thought of...

Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (Sep 23, 2005 08:46PM)
Why not just produce silks (any production device) and as you pull one out, talk about a name for God and what it means. Even produce a long rainbow streamer and as you produce it, tell about the names of God.
Message: Posted by: dave.m (Sep 24, 2005 01:14PM)
You could do somthing with the spelling bee trick!
Message: Posted by: Belleque (Sep 24, 2005 07:38PM)
I like Rick's idea but maybe take it a step further. Produce each silk individually and with each one explain one of the names of God. Then take the produced silks and either use them to produce an additional load like a silk fountain or flag or transform the silks into a large production silk commenting on many names but all describing the same God.

do well!

Message: Posted by: KyletheGreat (Sep 25, 2005 02:03PM)
I think it would be cool to tie a bunch of different colored silks together...each about 9-18" having one of each of the names written on each one...then take the long cahin of silks and put them all in a transformation box of some type and make them all transform into a GIANT Tye Died silk with the word GOD painted on it.
Message: Posted by: revlovejoy (Sep 26, 2005 04:48PM)
A teaching point more than a magic one...

if you're focusing on the Old Testament, we're talking about a faith where speaking the actual name of God is not done. A proper Jew would never say Yahweh, but "the lord" or Elohim.

This could be played out in a magical setting - one thing remaining hidden, while another taking its place.

Of course, for a Christian context, a conclusion could be that in the new covenant, God can be named, and go somewhere with that.