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Topic: Whole Armor of God Trick?
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Sep 25, 2005 09:01PM)
I have a children's church in Oct. and the theme is the whole armor of God. I am at a loss of what to do. I would like to emphasize the sword as the word of God.

Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Sep 26, 2005 09:40AM)
The only thing that comes to mind is a production box that can be shown as empty. Pattering that the armour of God may seem invisible to you but it's quite real as you produce a small helmet, shield, shoes, etc., one at a time explaining all along the spiritual significance of each item.

It would look really cool if you could get one of those rolled up "pencil, broom, shovel, etc" plastic gizmos and fashion it into a sword-look-alike and remove a long and 'powerful' sword (Word of God) from the box to end.
Message: Posted by: BradBrown (Sep 26, 2005 01:23PM)
This summer I did a couple performances of customized program on the Armor of God for a VBS closing. Here's what I did.

[b]Belt of Truth[/b]
What's Next (Spot Card), In Over Your Head, Floating Table
I used the first two effects to illustrate how easy it is to be fooled. I then talked about the importance of knowing the truth of God's Word so we won't be tricked into believing something that isn't true. This led into the floating table. I presented it as the type of thing some people do trick people into believing that there are supernatural forces at work, but if you know the truth, you won't be fooled.

[b]Breast plate of Righteousness[/b]
Torn & Restored Napkin
This is a routine where I talk about sin and the ten commandments. I used this as a springboard to talk about righteousness.

[b]Sandals of the preparation of the gospel of Peace[/b]
Cut & Restores, Professor's Nightmare
There are a couple of ways people interpret the sandals. I take them as indicating the preparation for us to take the message of peace to the world. Cut and Restored illustrated the message of the gospel of peace with God, and Nightmare was used to illustrate who's job it is to take the message.

[b]Shield of Faith[/b]
Head Chopper
My volunteer showed faith in me by participating in the routine. This led to a discussion on Faith in God, and how our faith is only as good as the object of our faith.

[b]Helmet of Salvation[/b]
Andre Kole's 3-ball Illustration
This was a Gospel presentation.

[b]Sword of the Spirit[/b]
Balloon Sculpture
I never came up with a magic routine I liked for this one. I got a kid from the audience and made balloon armor for him to wear. This served as review of the other pieces of armor, and allowed me to talk about the sword.

This was a 45 minute program, so I obviously didn't have time to go into much detail on each piece. That was OK for my situation. The kids had been studying the armor all week. The VBS director just wanted the kids to have a fun closing event that reviewed the armor. My program served that need.

Having said all that, I'm not a big fan of basing children's programming on the Armor of God. While there is a lot of important truth in the armor, I think it's a little too abstract to be really effective with elementary age kids. There are probably clearer ways to teach these truths to kids. Elementary kids, especially younger elementary, aren't really capable of the kind of abstract thinking required to understand how a belt is like truth, and so forth. (Obviously a lot of people disagree with me on this, because there are a lot of children's programs based on the armor.)
Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Sep 28, 2005 09:55AM)
You don't really need to do magic for this scripture. You can use a football helmet, shoulder pads, etc. to get the idea across. I love performing, but sometimes another type of object lesson works just as well.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 28, 2005 10:38AM)
Excellent point Lefty!

Magic is a tool, but it isn't the only tool.

Message: Posted by: ChrisG (Sep 29, 2005 06:27PM)
Balloons work very well for the Armor of God.

As you twist them you put them on a child.

Message: Posted by: GlenD (Sep 30, 2005 09:52AM)
Or maybe any type of penetration effect that contrasts what happens if we don't have on the armor of God!

For example the penetration frame (if you have that) or any pen thru bill trick, etc.
You could even make some kind of paper doll to do the pen thru bill trick with! LOL

Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Oct 2, 2005 09:39PM)
Some really great suggestions guys. Thank you for the help.
Message: Posted by: KV Magic (Oct 4, 2005 10:56AM)
While I haven't worked it out yet, I've often thought about using an appearing sword from behind a Bible to illustrate the concept of the Word being a sword.

Maybe some of the others have done something like this.

Message: Posted by: GlenD (Oct 4, 2005 11:15PM)
Yes I have thought about that very idea but I did not like the appearing sword.
It just did'nt work out for me.
I wish you the best with it though, I think it has great potential to illustrate the Bible as the sword of truth, etc.

Message: Posted by: DougTait (Oct 10, 2005 05:12PM)
Sent you a PM.
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Oct 10, 2005 09:36PM)
Thanks Doug.
Message: Posted by: magicurt (Oct 10, 2005 09:48PM)
I have used temlpe of beneras to illustrate that the armor of God protects us as satan's attacks come in various forms one after another. Then my wife/assistant does a costume change from black to white while in the box. I then explain that God allows those attacks and wants us to use the armor not just to protect us but to change us as well.