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Topic: Crazy manís handcuffs?
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Sep 17, 2001 07:50PM)
Hello everyone!

Thanks for responding!

Do any of you perform a rubberband effect that in your opinion is better than, or rivals, "Crazymanís Handcuffs"???

Thank You!


Steve Landavazo :babyface:
Message: Posted by: Doug Byrd (Sep 18, 2001 02:18AM)
I only use two rubberband effects, the crazyman's handcuff followed by Star Gazer. I feel that they are equally impressive to the people that I've shown it too.

Just my 2 Drakma worth,

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Sep 22, 2001 11:58PM)
Bill Kalush's "Rubber Ringer" would be right up there.
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Oct 2, 2001 12:14AM)
Chris Kenner has a version where by you can show the linked rubber band freely without any cover. It can be found in his book "Out Of Control" and in one of Dan Harlans Rubber band video. :dance:
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Oct 4, 2001 06:23AM)
I feel bad coming in and posting my first two items with info about mine and Andy Levissí book, but I think this one is a public service announcement!

Andy Levissí effect, "Linked For Life" is exactly like any other linking rubber band effect, you take two obvious separate rubber bands and link them. However, with Linked For Life... the bands are permantly linked. No dodgey moves, the bands are clearly shown apart and everything is scarily fare.

The effect can be found in our book, "Brainstorms (And Other Mental Disturbances)" which will soon be released. Take a look at the site in my signature for more info.

Iíve also got Jon Allenís "B Movies" on order and Iím really looking forward to reading his unique brand of band magic. Iíll let you know how good it is after I read it.



Check out - [url=http://www.asquaredproductions.com]A2 Productions[/url] my all new website - [url]http://www.asquaredproductions.com[/url]
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 4, 2001 06:31AM)
Thanks Andi, be sure and give us a mini review on the book in our "The good, the bad, and the garbage" forum. :wavey:


Life is not a problem to be solved...

but a mystery to be lived.
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Oct 4, 2001 06:51AM)
Of course... I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

Message: Posted by: Jack (Oct 6, 2001 06:20AM)
For what it's worth, I created a small variant of 'Crazy Man's Handcuffs' that allows you to separate the hands apart (stretching the bands linked together) and without any move, the spectator can snap his fingers and the bands will magically penetrate each other. It will be in my near-future upcoming book 'Possible Impossibilities'.

Magically, Jack :dance:
Message: Posted by: yellowguy (Nov 1, 2001 10:13AM)
pick up the two volumes of Elastrix. pretty cheaply priced with some great effects.
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Nov 1, 2001 02:03PM)
Thank you everyone for your posts regarding, "Crazyman's Handcuffs".


Steve Landavazo :dance:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Nov 2, 2001 03:24PM)
Hey Scott, what's Bill Kalush's "Rubber Ringer" effect like?
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Nov 2, 2001 04:57PM)
It is a Superb impromptu effect where a borrowed finger ring links onto a totally unprepared rubber band. It's in The Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman, and I agree with Richard that this routine is much better than all the so-called "improvements" that it spawned.
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Nov 9, 2001 04:52AM)
Simon Aronson has an effect called "RingLeader" where a borrowed ring links onto an unprepared rubberband. There is a video on his site, the handling looks very clean.

I think I might have to pick this one up unless someone knowís of one better.

Just a note: one of my friends here in Orlando is Mark Fitzgerald, the creator of the link on technique that everyone uses. He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to rubberband magic and is now doing 2 phases that I came up with in his show.

Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Nov 9, 2001 05:40AM)
There is an interesting off shoot of the crazymans hand cuffs. After you have done it once or twice, you can secretly ditch one rubberband, and then twist the one remaining band to look as if you are going to do it a 3rd time. Then you can essentially vanish that one band because it really isnít there! but it sure does look like it. On the 3rd time, I "do it in reverse" instead of pulling the bands, I "push" them, (really just the one band neatly twisted to look like 2) The bands then melt together to become 1 giant band!!


email for the work. Also I have a version of the linking bands, that rivals Chris Kenners but 1000 times easier and you donít have to double the band at all!
Message: Posted by: Bengi (Nov 9, 2001 09:17AM)

Sounds fantastic! But I can't find your e-mail!!! Love to have a copy of these!

I'm at bengibengston@hotmail.com


I also checked out your site......very impressive!

Bengi :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Nov 9, 2001 11:02AM)

Yes, but I don't know what it's called.

One band is strung from the thumb to the forefinger of the left hand, while the second band is looped on the first band.

You show the second band is clearly hooked on the first one.

Then, without the left thumb or forefinger even moving, the second band pops off.

No sleights, no "funny stuff", it just happens.

I have done CMH to so-so reactions; but this just blows people away!


Peter Marucci

Message: Posted by: robsigns (Nov 13, 2001 09:22AM)
I personally love the Crazy Man's Handcuffs and I probably do it more than any other effect. As part of my rubber band routine, I also do the "ring up the band" effect and it gets a great reaction.

I've recently started doing the "down the ladder" effect that's on one of the Dan Harlan rubber band videos (I think it's one of his). In his version, he's holding two rubber bands between fore fingers and pinkies. The spectator puts a folded bill on the top "rung" and it jumps down one band at a time. Simply replace the bill with a ring and you've got a great effect that gets a really good reaction. :dance:
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Nov 22, 2001 05:36AM)

Just curious, how do you use a ring in the "down the Ladder" effect? From what I can see, this is not a possibility.


Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Nov 22, 2001 12:41PM)
You should check the video tape "Smashing Close-up" by Gaetan Bloom. On this video Gaetan performed his Linking rubber bands.

I perform a lot of rubber tricks but this one is hard to beat. The tape came out in 1984 and it was produced by Pierre Mayer magic in France. You can get it from Stevens magic for $31 postpaid.

Also check out the linking ruber bands from

Norm Nielsen magic. It is also a nice effect.

Message: Posted by: magicrobin (Nov 29, 2001 06:21AM)
Iíve been fiddling with rubber band tricks a lot in the last few months. There is an excellent follow-up to Crazy Manís Handcuffs where you do the same move to have the band penetrate a finger ring.

Kalushís Rubber Ringer is better than the "improvements."

The best two band link Iíve seen is Stephen Kradolferís "The Power Link". Several variants on the link and unlink are possible once you understand whatís going on.
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 29, 2001 10:02AM)
Is "The Power Link" a manuscript, or in a book or video?
Message: Posted by: magicrobin (Nov 30, 2001 10:38AM)
The Power Link was in Trapdoor No. 33. Though like most rubber band tricks, the explanation is somewhat complex, it's easier to follow than Aronson's Ringleade, for example.

The actual linked state, and the various ways the two bands can be shown to be linked, are incredible.

Message: Posted by: cataquet (Dec 1, 2001 04:08AM)
An interesting addition to CMH is the reverse link. Mark Mason shows on his video how you can link two separated bands back together. So, you can unlink them , and then link them back together. A must move for you CMH fans.

Bye for now

Message: Posted by: magicrobin (Dec 1, 2001 07:06AM)
Is the link any good? The links in CMH style I've seen are pretty bad, even in the hands of really good magicians. I'd love a good link.

Message: Posted by: cataquet (Dec 2, 2001 02:05AM)
I found Mark Mason's reverse link really easy to follow and very convincing. However, I think it's only on his video.

Bye for now

Message: Posted by: Jon Allen (Dec 17, 2001 04:40PM)
I always start out CMH with a link then use the regular unlink as a secondary effect.

I always thought that if you can unlink them, then you should be able to link them.

I describe the link in my lecture and have a description in my rubber band notes "The 'B' Movies. It's one of those things that is difficult to describe but easy to show. It will be on my video that is due out some time next year.


Message: Posted by: preston91 (Dec 18, 2001 06:47PM)
Dan Harlanís "Ruberbands Vol. 1" has a linking move that he demonstrates and credits to someone else. It gets you back to the kinked position of CMH.. This is a good video IMHO. It has 2 complete routines using bands....


Message: Posted by: Andy Leviss (Dec 21, 2001 09:26PM)
We should perhaps clarify things. Some people call whatís often referred to as "CMH" "Linking Bands". Thatís a total misnomer, as they penetrate, they donít link. "Linking Bands" is an entirely different effect.

Reverse penetrations are just that, reverse penetrations. Nothing is linking (unless you take the idea of the hands and bands together being a continuous ring, but frankly I donít really buy that -- the hands arenít part of the effect).

Sorry, I know itís a minor point, but itís a huge pet peeve of mine :)


Andy Leviss

Check out my new book for mentalists, [i]Ramblings and Revelations[/i] (and other products for magicians and mentalists) at:

Message: Posted by: Axman (Jan 3, 2002 05:14AM)
There is a rubber band effect called "Black and White". I can't remember who it is by, but it is the strongest rubber band penetration I have ever seen. I'm positive there is a video of it somewhere on the web. Any info on this anyone?
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Jan 3, 2002 05:28PM)
It Might be wise for those performing Crazy man's Handcuffs to realize that it has one weakness that has come to light to me over the last few years, it is not something that is immediately apparent.

I am not using this effect. But, you know how people often like to show you their little trick, well several people (lay people) have shown me this trick all with the same explanation. "I saw a couple of different magicians performing it, so when I went home I played around with two elastics and it became obvious really"

It seems as if the weakness of this effect is the ability to work it out if you have the bands at hand. I myself must confess that I learnt it the same way after watching Copperfield perform it on a TV special

Message: Posted by: DoctorAmazo (Jan 9, 2002 01:56PM)
I agree, Phillip. I was shown CMH many years ago in a magic shop. I had it figured out in my head before I left the shop. It took about 2 mins at home to get the move down.

Then, thinking in reverse, going "the other way" was obvious. The way I do it, the required finger movement is hidden by my other hand.

Next time I was in the shop, I wowed the guy by going both ways with it. He begged me to show him how! (I didn't!)
Message: Posted by: Mr.Crebar (Sep 4, 2007 11:25PM)
Im continually amazed at the popularity of this one. Simple and sweet I guess!
Message: Posted by: TKE (Sep 5, 2007 01:01PM)
To answer the original question...i think kenners missing link, when done right, is equally as good as cmh
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 5, 2007 05:56PM)
Pinnacle combined with Rhing Thing is the best one two punch in rubber band magic.

Missing Link is a dated effect, because you can not do the one hand display, that you can do with Found Link.

There is also a closely guarded secret that you can find out about at http://www.magicvideodepot.com of Vinnie Marini's one hand display version of Chric Kenners Missing Link that he has never taught, or put on any of his DVD's, or downloads out of respect for Chris.

CMH backward is called Back Together.
Message: Posted by: Corbett (Mar 17, 2008 08:46AM)
I like to use Pinnacle (ring on band), as a follow-up to CMH. Not sure it is better, but it's still pretty cool, and uses their ring to do it. Then keep the ring, pull out a shoelace, and away you go with ring on string, etc...
Message: Posted by: oldi (Mar 17, 2008 12:58PM)
Doctor Amazo
I think CMH, performed properly, does have no major weakness. Because you have the big advantage of a time misdirection. You show the two bands still linked together after the unlinking. Using the right pinkie to make a little snap during the "fake" unlinking (i do it twice - once for each strand)is actually very convincing!
Message: Posted by: Mano (Mar 17, 2008 01:47PM)

this one for the Crazy manís handcuffs Lovers,Enjoy iT.


Message: Posted by: oldi (Mar 17, 2008 03:27PM)
Mano that is a wonderfull performance! Definitaly not one of those "found out after two minutes" routines.
Thans for sharing!
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Mar 17, 2008 03:39PM)
Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Mar 17, 2008 03:58PM)
Message: Posted by: Mano (Mar 17, 2008 05:36PM)
Thanks a lot for your comments guys.

Here is another one a bit closer to the webcam and more visual, I recorded it for The Godfather about 4 months ago,the quality is not that good though.


Message: Posted by: Paulo Cabrita (Mar 17, 2008 05:47PM)
Thanks to share this.

Message: Posted by: FrankBenning (Mar 19, 2008 08:10AM)
OHhh! BOTH the YouTube performances there have now been taken off!!

I LOVE doing the CMH...like I always say..."if only ALL effects cold be like this one..you can use borrowed rubber bands (helps if they're size 19) can be seen from any angle/viewpoint...no gimmicks of any kind...and from behind is the best place to see it from!"
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Mar 19, 2008 10:30AM)
Mano has created a beautiful effect for CMH..it is so clean you never see the bands link,,,,,,,it is as if the bands just melt thru....
Fast Link effect will be on my latest dvd,
called Italin Bandstand.The bonus section will also feature jeff Pierce's ""slo mo un link" which can also be found in Jeff's Book" The King has left the Building with Amnesia"
the Godfather of magic
ps Al Angello "The Rubberband Man" will make a guest appearence on the dvd as well
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Mar 19, 2008 10:34AM)
The demo has been removed, but Mano's back together move is absolutely fantastic. I have seen several others attempt this kind of reverse CMH, but my friend Mano has taken this concept to another level. His move is the best thing that has happened to rubber band magic since the great moves of Vinny Marini, and Vince Mendoza.

PS- I am not a rubber band magic inventor.
Message: Posted by: Mano (Mar 20, 2008 05:58AM)
Hi Al,

How are you my friend?,thanks soo much for your kind words,they mean a lot to me.

here is the link again,for the routine:


be well everyone.

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Mar 20, 2008 06:52AM)
You crack me up, so you live in New Amsterdam, and I always called it Central Park East.
Message: Posted by: Mano (Mar 21, 2008 10:02PM)
Hi Al,

I just like the idea of living a bit in the past.:)

Central Park East sounds great as well.

be well Al.