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Topic: Wilson & Dark's Traveling Carnival & Theater of Marvels
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Sep 29, 2005 09:03AM)
[URL=www.memoryelixir.com/WEAR/wilsonanddark.html]Wilson & Dark's Traveling Carnival & Theater of Marvels[/URL] will arrive in Town Hill, Maine on October 29, 2005. [URL=www.memoryelixir.com/WEAR/wilsonanddark.html]Wilson & Dark's Traveling Carnival & Theater of Marvels[/URL] includes carnival games and many unusual entertainments including [URL=www.memoryelixir.com/fleacircus/fleacircus.html]Dr. Wilson's Flea Circus[/URL], the [URL=www.memoryelixir.com/sideshow/mermaid.html]Feejee Mermaid[/URL], the Gypsy Fortune Teller, traditional sideshow feats, and magic by Dr. Wilson and Professor Miller. At 5:00 pm, Dr. Wilson will participate in [URL=www.memoryelixir.com/WEAR/wear.html]Worldwide Escape Artist Relay[/URL], the largest coordinated performance by escape artists in history!

In his escape attempt for the [URL=www.memoryelixir.com/WEAR/wear.html]Worldwide Escape Artist Relay[/URL], Dr. Wilson will escape from the dread Chrysalis, an escape long considered unlucky in the close-knit world of escape artists. In the Chrysalis escape, the escape artist is padlocked into an iron slave collar and manacles. Chains attached to the collar and manacles are wrapped around the escape artist's body in a configuration resembling the confinement of a strait jacket. The escape artist is then blindfolded, hooded, and covered in a cowl, which is then wrapped tightly in chains secured by padlocks.

The Chrysalis escape has been neglected by escape artists since the untimely death in 1967 of Australian escape artist Roger MacKenzie at the age of 37 while attempting the Chrysalis. The cause of death was heart failure, brought on by the heat, a grueling performing schedule, and the weight and extreme confinement of the Chrysalis rigging.

Dr. Wilson intends to increase the challenge of the Chrysalis by subjecting himself to a full metal detector search prior to confinement. In addition, he will use padlocks donated by the audience. Parents are advised that elements of this performance may be too intense for young children.

The Town Hill VIS Hall is on Mount Desert Island in Maine, adjacent to the Town Hill Fire Station, across the road from the Town Hill Market on State Highway 102. Admission to [URL=www.memoryelixir.com/WEAR/wilsonanddark.html]Wilson & Dark's Traveling Carnival & Theater of Marvels[/URL] is $5, and benefits the West Eden Village Improvement Society.


Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Sep 29, 2005 10:42AM)
Sounds awesome. Unfortunately it's a little too far away for me to attend. Good luck with the show and the escape!!