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Topic: Rabbit Wringer routine
Message: Posted by: nucinud (Oct 1, 2005 10:21AM)
This handling is less painful for younger children. Sometimes when kids see a live rabbit put into a box and it comes out flat, they think you killed the bunny. I have seen kids cry at this. You have upset them and even if you bring the rabbit back in one piece, they will not trust you.

Place your bunny into the special compartment before the show.

Bring the box out.
Show the box as empty by removing the front rollers. Lift the top, the audience will not see the bunny due to the gimmick. They will see an empty box. Put one hand on top and the other on the bottom. The gimmick will make it appear that the audience is seeing both hands.

Close the box top and replace the front rollers.
Take out a blank piece of paper and marker.
Ask the audience, what is a magician famous for making appear?
Most kids will yell out, A RABBIT. Right.
Draw a rabbit on the blank paper. It can be a cartoon or silly stick figure, etc.
Then ask the audience, what color should the rabbit be?
Use magicians choice, my rabbit was brown. With all the kids yelling out colors, I would say, BROWN? I heard brown, Okay, I will make it brown. Of course if your rabbit is white, you can use the flat rabbit that comes with unit.
Take the drawing and put into the front rollers. Turn the crank and the drawing is gone.
Open the top and take out the Rabbit. Place the box away from the kids, so they won’t look inside.