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Topic: Ivory Connection
Message: Posted by: ehands (Oct 4, 2005 07:09PM)
Hope this is right room. I have a question about the presentation Dobson and McClintock give in their excellent video "Ivory Connection." Among the many great effects taught, they show how the dice can weld together just before the climax in which they disappear. A thoughtful spectator told me the "welding" ruined the trick. She loved the dice appearing, the dots changing magically, and the dice vanishing was tops. But the welding seemed to have an obvious explanation: magnetized dice. Not the right answer, but probably an obvious explanation for them sticking.

I love the routine. The spectator did too. But I am afraid that the magnetic explanation will occur to lots of folks, and once it does, the rest of magic will degrade even though 1) its wrong and 2) even true, magnets wouldn’t be very helpful in the manipulation of the dots. Not like on giant domino!

What do more experienced magicians think? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 5, 2005 08:37AM)
If you roll the dice, and bring out a magnet at some point...you can make hay of that stray they might grasp.
Message: Posted by: ehands (Oct 12, 2005 08:59AM)
Thanks, Jonathan! Something like asking a spectator to pick up the clinging dice with an available horseshoe magnet? After the lack of attraction is apparent, vanish the dice back into the purse frame? If no one challenges the authenticity of the magnet, ask the spectator to test whether it will attach to the steel item that I want to use in the next trick? Am I going in the right direction? Being a neophyte, I’m uncertain whether continuing to work along this line would dilute the climax of the dice vanishing.