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Topic: Daryls DVD's
Message: Posted by: beaton (Oct 5, 2005 08:33AM)

Could anyone tell me if Daryl teaches the shapeshifter on his DVD's?


Message: Posted by: racoon (Oct 5, 2005 10:12AM)
Hi Beaton,

On his encyclopaedia DVDs, he doesn't teach Steve Beam's Chameleon change, if that's what you mean (the change as seen on the Blaine Street Magic progs).

He does teach the Snap Over change though.

Hope this helps,

Message: Posted by: Justin Hepton (Oct 5, 2005 10:46AM)
Hey Beaton! From a fellow uk Magician!

Welcome to the Café! You'll find a wealth of useful information here and meet some truly incredible people. In terms of the magic they perform and their personalities!

In answer to your question, you can find the "Shapeshifter" change taught in "the revolutionary card magic of Jay Sankey", a couple of Penguin Magic "Instant Downloads", and I believe Daryl Teaches it on one of his "Encyclopedia of Card Magic" videos - Which are well worth the investment, In my opinion!

Perhaps some of the more experienced magicians here can be a little more specific?

All the best!

Message: Posted by: magiCAD (Oct 5, 2005 11:13AM)
There is a DVD out that teaches this move and has other things (so I've heard). It was put out by Ellusionist and features the creator, Marc DeSousa.

I'd suggest taking a look at [url=http://homepage.mac.com/johnghome/magic/Personal6.html]John Guastaferro's[/url] [i]BrainStorm[/i] DVD's. He teaches the move in his "Fairy Tale Frogs" routine. Some great magic here. Hope this helps.

Oh, and to answer your original question...I don't know. :)

Message: Posted by: beaton (Oct 6, 2005 04:59AM)

thanks for your responses, I took Justins advice and downloaded jokers wild from pneguin magic (and to be honest am pretty crap at it at the moment haha)

Thanks again.

Message: Posted by: swee (Oct 16, 2005 06:14AM)
There is a video in ellusionist tat teach shapeshifter
Message: Posted by: wsduncan (Oct 16, 2005 01:45PM)
David Acer teaches the move and some interesting applications of it on some of his videos and there is an entire DVD devoted to it by Marc DeSouza, who created the move.

But if you don't want to learn it from the source... it's available in a lot of places.
Message: Posted by: Aubrey_T (Oct 16, 2005 01:55PM)
Also on David Acker's Open Traveller video.
Message: Posted by: kramerica2010 (Oct 16, 2005 02:45PM)
If you want to learn the shapeshifter I'd recomend Mark DeSouza's DVD devoted to it. I don't have it but I'm guessing it's the way to go for he invented it