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Topic: answers to silly questions
Message: Posted by: prophet2002 (Nov 3, 2002 08:07PM)
What do you guys say if a spectator wants to inspect your deck and you cannot because it is a prepared deck?? :shucks:
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Nov 3, 2002 09:36PM)

This is actually a fairly important question. It touches on a fair number of subjects that affect the manner in which you do the magic that you do and the philosophy behind how you set up, etc.

If you use “trick” decks in a non-formal, for friends kind of way you will have more problems with this than in a paid show. The reasons are varied, but the main one is this: When you are working for friends they are much more likely to feel that it is OK to take advantage of you. The problem being that they don't look at it that way. YOU are their friend.... FRIENDS share.... Ergo, why don't you share the secret, let me look at that deck, etc.?

The trick here is to defeat their curiosity in a manner that keeps your performing integrity intact. (Let me break here to say again, that most of the problems you have with your friends simply DO NOT occur very much at all in the real world of paid shows. Folks are much more polite, etc. That said, once you can handle your friends you can handle anything!)

What you need is to think ahead and so do what you do in performance that you are left with a deck you CAN hand out!

Here is what I do: I structure my routines so that I begin with my trick deck material first. Invisible Deck has always been a great opener. Do it and then place right into your R.H. coat pocket next to your regular deck. From your left coat pocket pull out some coins, rope, etc. After that sequence is done pull out your normal deck of cards and blow them away with a nice three-part sleight routine and leave the deck out on the table. Ignore it and walk away. LET THEM pick it up, etc.

Look, just think of ways that you can be CLEAN at the end. Avoid doing JUST a gimmick deck. If you don't know sleight-of-hand with cards don't make that a problem. There are some KILLER videos and books that you could easily pull 3 items to form a routine with a normal deck from!

Never, ever, ever use the words, "Please EXAMINE this.... whatever." in your act or routines. Have them 'shuffle' the deck. Have them 'catch' the coins as the move magically from one hand to the next, etc. Once permission is given to examine something you will have a hard time explaining why they can't examine the other thing!

Hope that helps! Best,
Brad Burt
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Nov 3, 2002 11:08PM)
Brad's post, above, is a short course in what to do, how to do it, and why to do it.
Everyone -- repeat, everyone -- should read it and take it to heart!
Message: Posted by: EsKlibur (Nov 4, 2002 06:06AM)
Thanks for the good post Brad. I would just add a couple of thoughts.

As much as you can, try to answer yes to whatever they want, like let them shuffle the deck even if you prepared a stack and do something else, if they want to shuffle once their card is in the deck, let them do so (use a crimp or a palm) etc...

If you can't or really don't want to, it is ok to say no though.

Good luck ! :bg:
Message: Posted by: Skinny Man (Nov 4, 2002 06:44AM)
I'd take a different approach than using a gaffed deck first - use it in the middle.
I use packs of both red and blue cards during a routine and always open with an effect that has the spectator handle the deck. I then put it away and do something else with the other colour deck, again letting the spec handle it. [b]Then[/b] I bring out the Invisible Deck.
By freely allowing handling of the decks in the first instances, you have already shown that the deck is normal, and this takes away any suspicion that might exist otherwise. No one's asked me to look at the ID so far, friends, work-colleagues or others. :)
Oh yeah, be sure and finish off with a normal deck so you're not left with the ID in your hands. That temptation would be too great for anyone to resist...
Plus, for my money, doing the ID as the first trick (when you're a real beginner) makes it difficult to follow. :shrug:
Message: Posted by: secondbaseman (Nov 4, 2002 10:10AM)
I agree with Skinny man I always do some sleight of hand tricks first after a few tricks and they already had the deck in their own hands and saw it was a real deck. I switch the decks in my poket and do something with a gimmicked deck.
By the way a stripper deck is a deck that you can hand out the won't notice it.

Message: Posted by: m.s.magic (Jan 15, 2004 11:16AM)
Great advice!
Well said.

Best regards
Message: Posted by: Captain Merkle (Jan 17, 2004 12:05AM)
Dear Brad Burt,

I also had the same question as posted above, and I must say that your advice is most appreciated. It never even crossed my mind to switch up my tricks and then switch with a regular deck. Also, I've been telling people to examine the deck and such while I do sneaky moves...now I'll never do it again. Thank you.

-Capt. Merkle :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: rannie (Jan 17, 2004 09:24AM)
Dear Brad Burt and Peter Marucci,
It’s really an honor to be on the same forum with you guys. Mr Burt I became a chop cup freak after purchasing your video and I have to this day been the object of envy because of the faro shuffle that again I learned from you. Thank you sir. To Mr. Marucci, your effect "the seven deadly sins" has won me the 1st place in my clubs 1st bizarre magic competition. I am a big fan. Thank you sir.

Oh yeah, about the gaff deck, I sandwich it in my routine so I start with a regular and end with a reg. I am accustomed to my topit so that's what I use if the occasion allows it. If not I switch to a coin effect then switch to the gaffed deck like what Mr. Burt said. If it is an all cards routine, no topit, to tables, and your surrounded, I wait till my last effect and hope that they ask for an encore. By then they have handled my deck and they are used to seeing both sides of it. I hope it made sense.