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Topic: Clown With a Message
Message: Posted by: Deacon (Oct 7, 2005 11:27AM)
Good afternoon,

This is my first post here, but I have been lurking for quite some time. As my name indicates I am what is known as a transitional deacon in the Catholic Church, which means that in less than a year I will be ordained a priest.

Anyway, every year our seminary has a talent show of sorts and every year I usually contribute with a juggling routine of some kind. However, a couple of summers ago I was the given the opportunity to go to clown school and therefore the seminary wants a clown show instead of a typical juggling show. They also know that I have been doing magic for some time as well. BTW, this would not be my first clown show, I have done a couple of others in the past, however, this will be the first show with just an adult audience, not mixed.

I have somewhat of a routine that I am working on which will consist of myself as an Auguste clown, preparing for a very special birth, and then go through some of the ups and downs that happen while preparing a cake, bringing it over etc. Essentially, I will be telling the Christmas story starting at my house then to the desert where I meet up with the shepherds and ultimately find myself before the baby Jesus.

I am just curious and interested to know what kind of effects you might recommend, even if some of that includes juggling, because I figure I will include some of that since I am known for that and have 15 years of experience with it.

Anyway, any suggestions or recommendations, much appreciated.

Thank You
Message: Posted by: Deacon (Oct 9, 2005 03:42PM)
Ok, it seems no one has any suggestions. I guess I am going to have to go solo on this project.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this nonetheless.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 9, 2005 05:13PM)
I do not do clowning so I did not offer anything as it would likely be out of context.

And frankly, it appears that your purpose in perfroming is to entertain, so once again, since as an Evangleist, my purpose is to enlighten, it is hard to comment in a productive way.

Sorry we cant help.

Message: Posted by: Deacon (Oct 9, 2005 07:31PM)
Is it not possible to both enlighten and entertain? I have a routine worked out which will be telling the Christmas story and not all of it is merely to entertain but also to inspire. I was merely asking for some suggestions of what effects may be suitable for such a routine. However, if no one has any suggestions that is fine, I was merely trying to get some other ideas.

Thank you for your time.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 9, 2005 08:07PM)
Of course it is possible to entertain and enlighten. I did not intend to spark a semantic "argument". It is also possible to "entertain and inspire."

You seemed dissapointed that nobody had responded, so I was responding with an explanation of why I had not responded (and maybe to provide possible insight into the reason that others had not.)

I did not intend to offend you.

Message: Posted by: Deacon (Oct 9, 2005 10:51PM)
No offense taken. I apologize if I sounded argumentative.

I was not disappointed, just, based on my lurking in this forum, it seems many have some great ideas and helpful insights, I just thought it strange that no one wanted to offer any suggestions.

Ah well, so be it.

I do thank you for your responses.
Message: Posted by: paulmagic (Oct 10, 2005 10:18AM)
Creative juices dried up for now,. So sorry. Also you probably have a more interesting idea than that which I could have thought up :)
Let us know it it turns out.
Message: Posted by: pezmagic (Oct 14, 2005 02:28PM)
First of all, way to answer God's call. We are a husband and wife from Pittsburgh, and we run the youth ministry program at our parish. We are starting to use magic for speaking and retreats with both teens and youth. We wanted to answer your post. By the way, what diocese are you training for? Anyways, here's what we thought of--for what it's worth.
It is a little hard to give ideas because we are not sure exactly what your routine is supposed to look like. It sounds great, but your explanation was not very detailed. Here are a couple of things we thought of, but we have no idea if they fit in with what you are planning or not.
If you have too many things to do, you could juggle the things and have a hard time keeping it all together and when you see the baby Jesus you realize that none of these are important and you drop evevything to kneel before Him. For the magic stuff you could always magicially produce what you need to bake the cake, etc. Maybe a change bag would come in handy if you have one. Or you could put things into the cake that people think of in connection with Christmas or somehting like that. Maybe putting things the clown loves in the cake to give to Jesus? I don't know if that fits or not. Anyways, May God bless you and your ministry.
In CHrist, Daniel and Tricia Prenosil
Message: Posted by: Deacon (Oct 21, 2005 12:31PM)
Daniel and Tricia,

Thank you for the welcome and some ideas. I actually did work something out which I will post here now.

Essentially, it will be me frantically searching for things to bake a cake because I heard about a very special birth. I figure the looking for things to put the cake in affords me the ability to spin a plate and use the dove pan I recently purchased. I still don't have all the details of how I am going to go about it, but that is how it will begin. (BTW, I am thinking of using a sponge cake "appear" in the dove pan)

Somehow I will wind up in the desert, cake in hand, perhaps I live there or something, and as I am running towards the direction where I was told there was a special birthday, I am first attacked, not really attacked but more annoyed by something flying around me in which I will do a mini-skit with something called a d'lite flight and an oversized flyswatter. After that I will notice a bright star in the sky in which I will use white d'lites, perhaps to "grab" the star from the sky until I notice it is actually being used to lead me somewhere, so I follow the direction of the star, convinced somehow that this star is leading me to the place of this special birth. Then because I am on a mission to get there, I am running so fast and furiously that I don't realize I have just run into shepherds who are captivated by this glowing light from which a voice is coming telling of this special birth. I am also captivated so I kneel down with the shepherds to hear this "Good News of Great Joy"

We then get up and head to our destination, only on our way there I realize I have forgotten my cake. Since it is too late to turn back I proceed on without the cake and with the shepherds.

We arrive and see Mary, Joseph, and a few others kneeling before this tiny baby. One by one each present their gifts to this child, only when it comes to me I realize I don't have any gift to give, but do remember I have three juggling balls in my pocket. I take them out and proceed to attempt to juggle but fail since I am so nervous and overwhelmed. I then go into a little "skit" as I try to juggle all unsuccessfully. It is only when Mary comes up to me to assure me to "Be Not Afraid" as the angel said, that I attempt to juggle again, successfully this time, which pleases the baby Jesus so much the balls light up (I am still working on a way of doing this but have some ideas)

Unfortunately, that is where I am at now and don't really know how I can end it, but am open to suggestions and even criticism on the actual routine. They have given me 10-12 minutes for the routine but I am not sure if what I have isn't too long or not. Still need to work out the finer details and the timing on the whole thing.

So, let me know what you think and please offer any suggestions that any of you might have. Just don't tell me to get rid of the D'lites or the dove pan since those are recent purchases specifically purchased
for this routine.


God Bless
Message: Posted by: Deacon (Nov 3, 2005 01:01PM)
Just to let you know I had to scrap this idea as some of the things I needed never came from magicproshop. All emails were also ignored...filed a dispute with them.

Back to the drawing board in the 11th hour