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Topic: On the Care of Fine Cups
Message: Posted by: R_B_C (Oct 7, 2005 09:36PM)
Having returned to magic after many years , I have dug out my two fine sets of cups/balls and wish to restore them? to their previous glory. My copper PF/D.Dew
cups are rather tarnished and I wish to polish them with the least damaging cleaner, also did I read on here that you can put auto wax on them to slow the ooxidation process? My other set is a combo set of Mikame wooden cups, should I use a good furnture oil on them or? they are in like new condition, and I would like to keep them that way. Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: Crispy (Oct 9, 2005 03:46AM)
You can simply use lemon oil on your wood cups. I'm not sure the best recomendation for your copper cups, though. I'm sure there are plenty of people on here who can help.