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Topic: Now What?
Message: Posted by: Signature (Oct 10, 2005 12:06PM)
Well my last posting has been a long time ago but I really want to know what is going
thru your minds.

Finally I got 3 birds which are living very well (as far as I think). They got 2 meters of space when I am home (a cube :D) it is indoor with a constant temperature of 17C till 21C degrees. They get real daylight through a some windows in that room :D

Anyway, they are healty and feel well. Now after I got them to the point of having them getting used to me (jumping from hand to hand, flying a circle and landing on my hands and stuff) but the main point is that I am now going to move into working with the birds for magic.

I would like to use one quite normal harness, one invisible harness and a sleeve load. BUT I do not want to hurt the birds! They are alive and I love them. I really want to hear from you what the best methods are for loading the birds and stuff...
(alias: What is the best harness, the best invisible harness...) Where to get this and stuff.

I am definitly willing to spend more money on theese and buy even some unusal ones
if the birds feel better.

Of corse I got some books but they just show some and don't tell how they are used
and wich of theese are good and bad...

I'm hopin for your help. (I do NOT want menthods like... get a silk, simultaniously steal... This is just about what to use and where to get it (links, shops and so on... and ADVICE

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Oct 10, 2005 03:55PM)
Most of this has been covered frequently in this forum already. As for harnesses, it a personal preference. All of the pros sell their version and it all depends on what is comfortable for you. Tony Clark, General Grant, Andy Amyx Amos Levkovitch all sell theirs and they are all fine. Shimada harnesses are good too however most of the ones I've seen are small. Some have snaps, some have zippers, while others have magnets or velcro. All are very good.

There are as many opinions about the best invisible harness as there are harnesses. I personally like Tony Clark's but that doesn't mean they are the best.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Oct 10, 2005 11:13PM)
If you have Tony Clark's first DVD, you have the best example of a magician who feels as you do. Tony takes care to explain how to care for his doves and how to avoid hurting them when loading, etc. Most other dove videos I have seen seem callous by comparison to Tony's TLC.
Message: Posted by: Signature (Oct 11, 2005 02:10AM)
Ok I am going to get Tony Clark's tapes then. I think I have seen them at my dealer.

Message: Posted by: Johnnie Blaze (Oct 11, 2005 10:33AM)
If you are serious about taking proper care and learning proper techniques then Frewin's are by far the most in depth start to finish it is all there. It is costly compared to others on the market but way more in depth. I would be checking them out if I were in your situation signature. oh wait I was and I did. Now I am just passing the information on to you.
all the best
Message: Posted by: Signature (Oct 11, 2005 02:39PM)

So I got Tony Clark's vol 1 and I will get Greg Frewin's if I can get them :D

I mean I want to take proper care and I think that it is very important because
my birds look kind of happy and I don't need much to get them to do most things.

I hope there will be some more material posted that I can check out. There are some Magic hands scripts around and I got 4 new ones today. They are all about doves because one of our local dealers is offering some of theese scripts. (They are doing a Sale on them. Hope that was gramatically right :D)
for 9 bucks each

OK. Thanks a lot.