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Topic: Watch me pull a Rabbi out of my hat
Message: Posted by: todsky (Oct 10, 2005 08:33PM)
This is a section for Jewish magicians and Cabalist wannabees to talk about how their childhood neuroses led them to the world of Magic, and argue about where to find the best bagels. Of course we all know that Montreal has the best bagels.
We could also discuss magic performance ideas for Bar-Bat Mitzvahs. And at Passover, isn't there a magical way to make Elijah-Eliayahu drink his cup of wine? And when is David Copperfield going to split the Reed Sea?
This section, like The Good News section but completely different, could be right after the Good News, so the list could read :
The Good News
The Hook Nose.
Ha ha, just kidding. How about calling it:
Shapiro's Lamentations (I'm Shapiro, and I can lament).
Or it could just be called "Watch me pull a Rabbi out of my hat..."
It hurts me just to post this, but I'm serious.

Oy-ally yours,
Todd "The Amazing Todsky" Shapiro
Montreal, Home of the Bagel

p.s.: Just wanted to say to Steve Brooks and all who make The Magic Café possible, I'm grateful for this web-site. It has been very helpful in my magical education.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 12, 2005 03:40AM)
Thanks for the kind words regarding The Café and I sincerely appreciate your suggestion. However, at this time I just don't see it happening. Who knows what the future may hold. ;)