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Topic: Apologies
Message: Posted by: todsky (Oct 14, 2005 01:26AM)
Steve, I regret my post "no jewish topics allowed". I'm a bit of a hothead sometimes, and bad judgment and nasty sarcasm got the better of me. I do sincerely apologize, and I did appreciate your measured response. I would even be quite happy if you could just delete that whole post, but if not, it will serve to remind me to think before I react.
Yours truly,
Todd the Contrite
Message: Posted by: JesterMan (Oct 20, 2005 06:54PM)

You should not take the fast locking of the topic personally. If you look at many of the topics in this area, they often are locked once the manager has replied (or another member of the staff, if they feel the they have already answered the post fully). Indeed, at this moment, there are 30 posts on the first page of [b]I Want to See the Manager[/b], and only FIVE are still open for comment, including this one.

Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Oct 20, 2005 07:37PM)
And actually, :hmmm: ...those probably should be locked. :nod: Our policy is to answer the question and then lock the thread. The I want to see the manager section is not an area to discuss your questions as much as it is an area to answer your questions.

Mya :D