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Topic: New Street performer looking for info.
Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Nov 4, 2002 07:10PM)
Can you please send some names of videos (please under $40.00, read the bottom) and some websites with free things, like with David Blaine's tricks (I found one and then my computer froze). :bawl: But please send me some, it would be a GIGANTIC help!!! :rotf: THANK YOU!!!
Message: Posted by: thanos4182 (Nov 4, 2002 11:12PM)
If you go to google.com and type in David Blaine a ton of web-sites should pop up. I have some specific ones and you can PM and I'll send them to you. As for videos, go to some of the on-line magic shops and they usually have descriptions typed about the videos and DVD's they are selling. That way you can find one in the area you are working on and also look at the prices.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Nov 5, 2002 06:04AM)
Why not try your local library; it's free and, if you're lucky, there should be some good books on magic there.
That's what I did, starting out more than half a century ago (yeah, yeah, there were no tapes back then, I know -- but if I were doing it all over again I would STILL go the "book route"; you end up with a better understanding of what you are doing).
Message: Posted by: Giuseppe (Nov 5, 2002 09:26AM)
Just go on any search engine and type in David Blaine. I have a few good ones. PM me.
Message: Posted by: Elwood (Nov 5, 2002 01:04PM)
Instead of spending hours searching the net for free David Blaine tricks, why not spend some time improving what you already know and developing a routine that is your own?

We already have a David Blaine...we don't need another!
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Nov 5, 2002 05:26PM)

Peter Marucci and I are frequently on the same page. I can tell you from personal experience you won't believe how many fairly good magic books you can find at a library!

When I was first getting started I went to our small local library and basically read every book on magic in both the children's and adult sections. That was about 40 books some of which were terrific!

Creativity in magic almost never happens in a vacuum. The more you know the more you will come up with. This is particularly valuable if you are going to work the street.

All best,
Brad Burt
Message: Posted by: Swami Bill (Nov 5, 2002 05:32PM)
Daniel - Whoever inspires you, whether David Blaine or anyone else, should lead you to a plethora of great magic. Keep in mind that street magicians have been around for centuries. Take Peter's advice and supplement your online search with books and don't stop with Mr. Blaine. Dig deeper; there's a ton of great stuff out there. Good Luck!

Message: Posted by: Joshua Lozoff (Nov 6, 2002 06:27AM)
Another point is that, if you really want to perform magic on the street, you will most likely need to study a different genre of effects than those used by David Blaine. I think it's great that he is your inspiration, but most of the effects he did, especially in his first special, are more appropriate for strolling magic and close-up magic.

To perform magic on the street, you'll want to research effects that play larger -- unless you have a TV camera with you and an ABC production team.
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Nov 7, 2002 11:32AM)
As per all the above, try to find simple books to get started with. In fact, a search of any local bookstore will produce multiple books published by Dover that are paperback and sell for less that $7.00. Get a good foundation of the basics under you then go from there.

I tried the Library, like Peter, and also had good luck. If you want to find it you can, but the web is not the best place to look.

Additionally, many card tricks from D.B.'s first special are compiled in "The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks." Again, a Dover publication.

Be more original in your theme.

Good luck and don't get discouraged, this will take you years to perfect! Just ask Peter!
Message: Posted by: rvigon (Nov 7, 2002 05:06PM)
Gazzo, Gazzo, Gazzo. If you want to street perform, get his stuff. [I think he's putting some vids out. Correct me if I'm wrong.] It is not at all like Blaine, but if you want to make money, not just entertain, hes' a good bet.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Nov 8, 2002 11:01AM)
Hey Daniel,
Bart said it all. I hate to be the one to pop your balloon, but David Blaine did NOT do street magic, he did a TV special. So first you need to find out what Street Magic really is. Go look up "BUSKING," then see if the city you live in even has a place set aside for busking, etc. or a city near you. Al ot of cities don't allow it.
Have a Nice Day,
Message: Posted by: Joshua Lozoff (Nov 9, 2002 11:44AM)
On the OTHER hand, having said all that, if busking isn't your goal (earning money with street performing), basic card and coin and other close-up magic can be a lot of fun to perform on the street. Especially at an outdoor festival or fair situation. Then it becomes un-paid strolling magic done for as few people as normal strolling magic. It's just not "street magic," which generally means the busking type of magic that must draw a larger crowd.
Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Nov 10, 2002 08:47AM)
Ok, I didn't mean to make it sound like I worship Blaine. In fact, I know how to do most of his tricks. I just was trying to give an example. I knew that all of his tricks were on the internet. I was just asking if any one knew of some sites that give free magic. Also, as to going to the Library. I live in a little tiny town called Paducah, Kentucky. I looked up magic and all I found was "Let's Make Magic With Numbers." All this was was like pick a number, add four divde by two...and so on. I typed in Magic movies and got nothing either. It's just not possible to get any books.
Message: Posted by: tropicalpenguin (Nov 10, 2002 05:10PM)
One of those sites has how he did almost EVERYTHING. It's cheap, but worth it. It's funny though how much is gimmicked. They portray him as this "wizard" and here he is using ten dollar props.
I kill me.
Message: Posted by: Donny Orbit (Nov 22, 2002 01:01AM)
One website should have a lot of what you are looking for. UltimateMagic.com. You have to pass a magic quiz to get a password, but after that there are literally hundreds of good free effects.

Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Dec 1, 2002 08:52PM)
I looked into Ultimate Magic and passed the quiz. It looks like a pretty good resource.
Message: Posted by: midnightmjb (Dec 5, 2002 04:18PM)
Some great advice here Dan, but one thing I would like to add. With the advent of TV specials revealing many secrets of our craft, and more generally for the continual growth of magic, I like to encourage all newbies to look on yourself as a creator as well. If there is an effect you want to create, by all means find books and other resources, but also try to bend your mind around the problem, how would you go about creating an illusion? We can't all be great lateral thinkers, but it's always good to try and keep things fresh, and original. Good luck!!
Message: Posted by: Merlin! (Dec 7, 2002 12:12AM)
While the internet, and library are good sources, nothing beats having your own personally library of magic books, if you shop around, it doesn't have to be that expensive, you can get a number of execellent books for well under a hundred dollars (much less than tricks themselves).
Message: Posted by: zantium2999 (Dec 7, 2002 09:22AM)
Here are some sights that deal with card tricks...and tell you how to perform them




here is a site with quite a few david blain tricks

and last but not least a site with coin manipulation
hope this info helps others bye :firedevil:

Oops forgot to post the one with coin manipulation so [url=http://members.iweb.net.au/~kith/juggling/Micro/coin/coin_s.htm#UndersideWalk]Click Here![/url]
Message: Posted by: DJandMAGICIAN8619 (Dec 17, 2002 08:40PM)
Hey, I would say the best video to purchase would be at http://www.ellusionist.com. its awesome!! The videos are the best! So many awesome tricks.. not a bad price at all!! very good. I would say get Ninja 1 or 2. 2 if you are not a beginner. But anyways have fun...