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Topic: Dipping my toe into the bizarre pool ...
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Oct 14, 2005 10:50PM)
After watching my local magic club (Denver, CO) present there Bizarre Magic Show last night, I have vowed to develope and do a piece next year ...

there were some really great performances and I realized that I really enjoy watching bizarre magic ... it's just that I could never see myself doing it, but now I know that I need to expand my mind ...
Message: Posted by: Payne (Oct 14, 2005 11:54PM)
Well you're already on your way. The goodfellow act you presented at the last PCAM already qualifies you for entry into the ranks of the Bizarre. Atg least by some peoples definition.
I never thought of myself as a practioner until someone explained to me that Bizarre didin't have to be dark or occult in nature.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 15, 2005 09:01AM)
I too am trying to enter this unique world. Good for you Danny..
Message: Posted by: Magickman (Oct 15, 2005 12:28PM)
As a magician you are crossing over already loaded with a good supply of magic and how it works. So for starters I would take the things you have been doing for yrs and dress them up a bit, add a strange tale. Present this effect not to someone that knows you as a magician but someone that has NO idea you are a magician. I am certain that the facial expression alone will act as a hook into the bizarre! Glad to see you in the forum Danny and good luck!

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Oct 15, 2005 11:21PM)
Yes !
Another convert ! muahahaa !!
Just wait til you see our initiation ceremony !
( 00Ps !! I shouldn't have let that black cat out of the bag. )

Seriously though, glad to see a pro of your caliber taking an interest.
While I'd never want to see bizarre get too commercial, or mainstream, or common, it warms my blood to see the gradual acceptance and interest in the genre.
Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go drink a cold pint of type O negative, I like my blood slightly chilled .. :bat:
Message: Posted by: Brother Kotah (Oct 15, 2005 11:37PM)
Danny, I am certain the bizarrist community will embrace you; and you will find their world,entertaining and enlightening.

Brother Kotah
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Oct 16, 2005 10:24AM)
Thanks all ... I have one idea already and I am starting to script it out ...

thanks for your support and encouragement ... my good friend Joe Givan has been talking about hosting a bizarre convention and now I will see if I can give him a gentle prod ...
Message: Posted by: Viano (Oct 16, 2005 01:30PM)
The Inner Circle of Bizarre is having a Gathering next month. Check http://www.icbmmagick.com/events.php for details

Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Oct 16, 2005 02:04PM)
On 2005-10-16 14:30, Viano wrote:
The Inner Circle of Bizarre is having a Gathering next month. Check http://www.icbmmagick.com/events.php for details


Thanks for teh info but I will be in Las Vegas for MINDvention at that time ...
Message: Posted by: pkg (Oct 16, 2005 02:09PM)
Welcome to the dark side. don't forget to cast a circle and pay your dues to the other world...muwahahahaha....

and feel free to ask anything you like...we are helpful in our own dark ways...
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Oct 16, 2005 06:59PM)
On 2005-10-16 11:24, Danny Archer wrote:
my good friend Joe Givan has been talking about hosting a bizarre convention and now I will see if I can give him a gentle prod ...

Not a good idea. Having a convention of bizartists means bringing all these crazy guys to one location, which could open a door to the dimensions of evil and let loose all sorts of horrid beings on earth! Hey, that's not a bad idea for a Bizartist promo! You could offer a prize to the first local resident who sights a demon wandering loose on the streets.
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Oct 17, 2005 11:47AM)
Good Tidings Danny!

The Bizarre community here on the Café and off the Café is wonderful. Oh sure we are sometimes odd, but that is part of our charm.

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts. As I see it, Bizarre Magick is very much creating an art that evokes a wide range of emotions, multiple senses, and engenders contemplation. Some of my material is a bit scary, some is based on a message. I use all sorts of material to draw presentations or stories - mythology, urban legends, philosophers, history, horror, fiction, poetry, etc.

The dark stuff is fun and is kind of a bonding language so we talk about it quite a bit. But certainly, any topic could be handled artfully and we'd love to hear about it! For example, someone posted a very powerful routine on the Gospel forum which I would definitely classify as Bizarre!

Good luck in your new adventure and we are all here for support!
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Oct 17, 2005 03:00PM)
And don't worry Danny...if your Toe gets biten off...I'll make you another one.

Cliffini Le Red I need your mailing address please.

Message: Posted by: Caspar (Oct 17, 2005 07:38PM)
What about the hazing?
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Oct 19, 2005 12:44PM)
Thanks Guys for all your supportand encouragment ...

I am working on second idea as well ... the problem right now is finding the time with all the other projects I have going on ...